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  1. After maintenance i entered game and i noticed few problems. 1. F2, F5 not working 2. when i switched to Blade Dancer i made few storyline quests and then next didnt appeared. ESC button didnt worked, i was unable to switch characters again. 3. After closing and re-running game my loading screen stops at choosing character with notification "connecting". And nothing else happens.
  2. there is one condition. game need players. and lot of them will leave the game... even walletwarriors
  3. now you will look for powders in F10...
  4. 10g is now... now you will look for powders in F10... this is game for walletwarriors...
  5. pack of... i dont have any word for describe you... Every update is fu..in up something in the game... im leaving. good bye... cuz of you being morrons i've lost about 500g...
  6. why you compare "class change voucher" to "max gear voucher"? i think that that item would be cool in F10. Of course with some limitations. Like obtainable only once per account and with price 1999 coins for example.
  7. i wonder why? it would be good option intead of spamming to GM about moving items.
  8. I have a question about items available under F10. I think there was something like a class change voucher or im wrong? If so what happened to him then?
  9. lot of ppl report in-game these issues...
  10. so basically old characters with finished storyline cannot get these bells am i right?
  11. As in subject. Old chars are able to get 65 memory bells aswell as new ones? If yes how can i obtain them?
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