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  1. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Personally I disagree, those paintings look like crap and no amount of art technical discussion will convince me that they are visually pleasing. Being optically complex doesn't guarantee value. I'm not patronizing you, I'm thinking about this on the same metaphysical level that you are but you haven't looked at this from another perspective; you speak of an evolutionary adaptation to specific concepts that is universal, yet there are studies that show not everyone processes colour the same way (there are tribes in Africa who see different shades of colour that Americans cannot and vice versa). Similarly, from one person to the next they might not react the same to certain colours. I look at a piece of Rothko's and think what utter horsesh** it is, yet people fawn over it for what reason I can't understand. And I'm not more or less wrong or right in my assessment. Neither is anyone else. What I was referring to before, though, was the social lens you speak of - the technical standards for rating art constantly changes as culture changes. It cannot be objective if it is falsifiable. What works in one culture doesn't in another, it's why art looks so different from one to another, and there are huge differences. These rules and laws are created by popular opinion by peers of art who have subjectively decided what "good" art consists of. The standards by which a person decides if art is good or not are only elevated in value by human subjectivity. It doesn't matter if we are adapted to specific visual input, because ultimately the value of "good" or "bad" can only come from consciousness. They are values the universe alone does not possess. Anything created by human hands and judged by human minds is subjective and relative. The only true objectivity in the universe are the laws of nature and mathematics, but even if you created a piece of art that was mathematically perfect in some way, deciding that it is "good art" is still humans placing bias on something.
  2. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Even more horrible when that's all you can imagine when you see a Yun character from now on :p
  3. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Hey, I don't mind sexy outfits. I just don't see the practicality or purpose of a lacey, see-through nightgown other than to be sexually evocative. Those types of outfits were designed to be sexual, it's why you find them only in adult stores. Neither am I saying it subtracts from a character if they wear something scanty, I've seen women in media come across as terrifying, daunting or powerful with nothing on, but they have to serve a purpose such as a situation or the characters' personal philosophy (eg. Motoko from Ghost in the Shell does not view her artificial body as her own, she does not identify with it personally so feels no shame or reason to cover up). There is no rhyme or reason why half the women in BnS are half-naked though. None of the characters comment on it either, they just expect it as the norm.
  4. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    You'll notice through any study of art culture that those "laws, levels and measures" differ depending on where you go and who you ask. There is no single consensus on what makes art pleasing or masterful, it's why so many sub-branches of different genres of art exist. If art was objective there would never be any variation because everyone would strive to the same ideals. The quality of his work is decided upon by a set of subjectively relative opinions. They do not exist as pre-determined laws, they must be determined by someone or a group consensus. If you think applying mathematics to something makes it more visually pleasing then that is perspective, not the law of the universe. Every piece of art is judged by subjective standards within a relative framework. There is no objectivity in the values humans place in or on things.
  5. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    1. That's not the point at all. What we design in media is indicative of the cultural attitudes we're accustomed to. Violence is included in media because we're attracted to violence, we find it exhilarating and empowering. The objectification of women comes from thousands of years of gender divide in which men have always been the dominant, and the continued projection of women as something to leer at in media is the problem. So many times I've walked into a forum thread where someone has commented, "check out those boobs", or some form of sexualized comment. While that's not bad in itself, as physical attraction is perfectly human and instinctual, it's that so many people allow for the victimization of women because of these attitudes expressed through media. The idea that it's the woman's fault for dressing "inappropriately", meaning she "must want it", is just one example. The problem isn't sexy outfits, it's that they mostly come from a society that has accepted and treats sexism less severely than it actually is. Keep the outfits, what I'm challenging isn't your right to wear them, I'm challenging your awareness of the issues surrounding them. 2. DoA Extreme I take issue with. I refused to play it because it was basically just jiggle physics. Team Ninja developed an entire physics system for the breasts alone. 3. The difference is relative. No woman would walk down a busy high-street in a bikini. You go to the beach with the purpose of getting a tan. BnS features outfits I would only wear to bed/for a sexual partner that can be worn at all times, everywhere. 4. And don't you see that as an issue? That something is specifically tailored to the prevalence of sexism in society? 5. I have no idea what Smite is so I can't comment.
  6. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    That's not objectivity, that's cultural relativism. If the game was bad I wouldn't play it. It can look as pretty as it wants but if it has bad mechanics I'm not going to invest my time into it. You're right, that was exaggerating. The presentation of dragons is far removed from that of women (one being based on fictional creatures). I think BnS could very well sell itself without the input of HTK. MMOs aren't designed to be a personal wardrobe.
  7. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    So it's xenophobic to judge another person's culture based on common practices? I can't comment on the rampant victimization and abuse of women in Saudi Arabia because I'm foreign? That's silly. Just because I'm not a part of a particular culture does not mean I cannot form an opinion of it. Nor does it make me xenophobic or narrow-minded if I view the practices of one culture to be undesirable. Nor am I saying that my culture is any better and that I judge from a pedestal, because I challenge the same issues within my own culture. The point is that this type of objectification of women is universal and it shouldn't be. It does not accord with the values I believe make a decent and just society. However, to call someone xenophobic because they find male-designed, scantily-clad women sexist is ignorant and ignores a wider issue.
  8. You realise you can re-bind the keys to your liking, right? This is how all action-MMOs are, try playing Guild Wars 2 as a Chronotank and then complain about key commands.
  9. Any tips to mine Viridian Quartz?

    Don't bother camping, you could be waiting over an hour for it to respawn. Waste of time when you could just do dailies and dungeons in that time and buy it. Yes, I know he said he didn't want to do that, but considering that you'll just be doing nothing for a long time if you camp the nodes then the alternative of making gold and buying it is much more productive. Switching channels is your best bet. Run between the nodes, switch channel, repeat. Just be aware there's a 3 minute (?) cooldown on channel hopping. Time consuming but you're bound to find some that way.
  10. how do i unlck hongmoon lvl 1?

    Do what I want.
  11. how do i unlck hongmoon lvl 1?

    Give me all your gold and then it'll work... True story.
  12. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    *shrugs* I was highlighting the problem of media being able to get away with sexualization because of the audiences' impartiality towards it. The Gon see-through lace dress is what I'm referring to: it's not practical and you wouldn't wear that in public. I like to feel sexy sometimes but I can do that in modest clothing without bearing my backside or having a skirt so short I might as well just wear a belt. Same goes for the male characters - if his dong is in danger of waving around I don't want to see that in public, nor do I in a game. And I speak as someone who has done nude modelling, who has friends who are professional adult models. I don't see a problem with bearing your body but there's a right time and place for it. When I play games I like to immerse myself and seeing a woman running around in a thong kind of destroys it for me. And a character like Soha who wears a bra with only enough material to cover her nipples... that's just silly.
  13. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Actually it's less SJW and more about the sexualization of women in media which is an actual problem. Dead or Alive Extreme was purely sexual gratification; no playable male characters and aside from the volleyball it was just an excuse to watch jiggly bewb physics with the DoA name slapped across it. It's ironic that you accuse someone of not doing research and then command BnS admins to not do exactly the same. The point of discourse is to highlight issues like this and discuss them maturely, not devalue what a person has to say because you feel irritated by it.
  14. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Why should someone not be allowed to criticize a game developer for their inclusion of sexual outfits? If someone feels it violates how women are portrayed in media they have every right to challenge the developers for their decisions. One or two revealing outfits aren't a problem, but when an overwhelming number of outfits are sexualized it, for me, devalues how the developers view women. Although I haven't had much complaint because I play primarily as a Lyn, but from what I've seen there aren't too many revealing outfits for the other races either. The ones I would complain about I simply wouldn't wear but I haven't seen the full wardrobe yet so I can't say if I stand by what I said above or what I've just said in this paragraph.
  15. Show off your characters!!

    And one where she's having a bit of fun soaring through the air: