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  1. aham so after 3 weeks of gameplay u got 1 :))
  2. is very ridiculos trust me and will be hard to make them care for now they are more like thiefs will be a long way untill we get decent reward for hongmoon coins and decent ways to get gold cuz using marketplace 5x non premium and 10x premium will never work i need 100G to upgrade weapon is ridiculous
  3. that is just 1 excuse the truth is u cant buy anything with hongmoon coins is maded specially to make u waste a lot of money to get a shit even vindictus got far better rulles and u cant even make decent profit P2W 100% pay for outfits pay to expand inventory pay for everything except u cant pay with gold u pay with lots of dolars so *cricket* them they dont deserve after 7 months of talking about F2P they *cricket*ed this for good and they dont give a shit on what we tink as long the make profit
  4. *cricket*ING FIX VENTURE TOKENS DROP i got no one and I tink I oppened 1000 BOXES for sure is bugged or is a 0.0000001% chance wtf why we have hongmoon store if there is no way to craft those coins is specially maded to make u buy with real cash this game is a P2W from the start cant make inventory bigger cant do anything can use market 10x only WTF no way of profit no way to craft coins EPIC FAILL -_-
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