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  1. we cannot transfer ite nope u cant use mail if u are over lvl 15 ms to other characters ??? damn this game have really trash rulles
  2. man i cant transfer anything is not avariable if u are over lvl 15 WTH im leaving this piecce of crap game cant do anything only some daily trash quests im waisting my time
  3. we cannot transfer items to other characters??? worst mmo rulles ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we shoul get this from the begining this game got worst rulles ever P2W TRASH
  4. we cannot transfer items to other characters ??? damn this game have really trash rulles
  6. how to get new tickets for outfits idk were drops??????
  8. aham so after 3 weeks of gameplay u got 1 :))
  9. is very ridiculos trust me and will be hard to make them care for now they are more like thiefs will be a long way untill we get decent reward for hongmoon coins and decent ways to get gold cuz using marketplace 5x non premium and 10x premium will never work i need 100G to upgrade weapon is ridiculous
  10. man they dont care about what we want this game is a p2w they wonder from the begining only profit u will see that soon or later
  11. man the big problem here is upgrades cost a lot u cant even use marketplace there is no way to live decent and upgrades are damn expensive u can use marketplace only a few times i never saw somthing stupid like this and i got no more friends to play with over 15 friends of clan left in 3 days and nr still going down all of them are pissed by thesse rulles and ppl keep leaveing because they understand is a waste of time to play like this and even after 10.02 update game will still in same terrible conditions il report all youtube videos of those fking thiefs and i wont let them post anylon
  12. that is just 1 excuse the truth is u cant buy anything with hongmoon coins is maded specially to make u waste a lot of money to get a shit even vindictus got far better rulles and u cant even make decent profit P2W 100% pay for outfits pay to expand inventory pay for everything except u cant pay with gold u pay with lots of dolars so *cricket* them they dont deserve after 7 months of talking about F2P they *cricket*ed this for good and they dont give a shit on what we tink as long the make profit
  13. this game is for sure one of worst mmo P2W u have to spend reall money for every shit u cant expand inventory without payment u cant use marketplace decent only a few times all outfits cost reall money if u wana look decent u cant get venture tokens from boxes because rate is like 0.00001% u cant make any profit is a waste of time il leave this piecce of shit if will keep be a fking p2w without decent content and rulles like my friends
  14. *cricket*ING FIX VENTURE TOKENS DROP i got no one and I tink I oppened 1000 BOXES for sure is bugged or is a 0.0000001% chance wtf why we have hongmoon store if there is no way to craft those coins is specially maded to make u buy with real cash this game is a P2W from the start cant make inventory bigger cant do anything can use market 10x only WTF no way of profit no way to craft coins EPIC FAILL -_-
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