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  1. Wait what? Is this true? O_o That's a huge buff to our dps.
  2. I'm pushing 18~19k dps on my FM and thats without baleful :p Are sustaning that form of dps?
  3. on korea sins are by far the highest dps, well its not by far. FM's arent that far behind imo. They are pretty equal. Im not sure on wind summoners after the nerf. On eu there is no question that FM's out dps sins. There are meters like ACT, its not accurate but it gives you an idea. The only time sins MAY come close to an FM is IF the sin can stick on the target without having to worry about anything else. Sins cant maintain 100% uptime on a boss tho due to being melee.
  4. BM's are only hard cause they can perma block our freezes. when we get our HM on our RMB and Dragonchar things will look a lot diffrent. On the korean test server we're also getting a buff to divine veil that makes so all of our attacks cannot be parried or deflected while Divine veil is up. So BD's and destro's wont beable to spin to win all the time without taking some punishment for it.
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