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  1. Upgrades are wayyyyyyy to expensive

    The feeling of your life being wasted
  2. WOW F7 outfit got!!!!!!!

    I had no idea this outfit and hat were such a big deal, when I got them I was completely neutral. Guess it is a big deal, idk.
  3. Silverfrost = So how about those who are behind?

    And what's the release date?
  4. Summoner need an huge nerf

    The only class that would need a nerf is KFM
  5. BD at lvl 50 continent PvE

    Wow cool, then why haven't they just deleted BD yet?
  6. Yep, faced an FM yesterday who kept using the 30% healing TAB every 20-30 seconds (it has a 3 min CD normally).
  7. party chat is broken atm

    Can confirm
  8. I used to be 1900 and didn't have THAT much problems with them before, but right now, THIS is the only way for me:
  9. Never ever go the element route. I have an Awakened Siren and I wasted 2.5g for transmute (failed twice +soulstone price) and salvaged 10 blue weapons wasting keys to get the powder. It brought me only from +1 to +1 80% (yeah). Later I bought 15 Brightstone and Cold Iron weps for 3-4s, and managed to get to +4 60% and it cost me 2g.
  10. destroyer's whirlwind...

    Blade dancer here: nothing works against their spin. *spins away*
  11. Streamer Promoting Gold Selling Site

    Bhahahahahahaha, I died
  12. lel git gud, i mein these clases, they not op, veri hard to pley, lok wut i do, i cut my fingurs of and smash me face hard on keybord, dats how u win wit dees clasez, much skil, high skilcep kek
  13. Prove to me that summoner isn't broken

    Ok, let me try: Ummm... ugh... eeeeh... well... scummoners... are... ugh... Shit, you win this one.