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  1. yes i would also love this! i love collecting costumes but not being able to distribute it is a bit of a pain :(
  2. by definition im a casual but thats because im done with my 1st 45 and played a kfm then made a fm loving it and is currently 38 so im guessing im dedicated xD
  3. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    The company is not the best but they replied to my inquiries and problems via support ticket and even went to refund my ncoins because of a bug before. Im currently pleased with the employees behind the support ticket. What im not pleased with is the sudden changes they make in the game which causes instabilities a good example for this is the costume pouch under transmutation. In other regions u can salvage costumes that u get in dungeons but they removed this feature WHILE not changing the % chance of the pouch which is disheartening and i feel sorry for the players who did try. The devs should always look into everything before they make sudden changes like these. Players are here to enjoy the game and relax not feel like they are still in a business atmosphere or something. They should also put more decent forum moderators to get feedback and references in the future. Im seeing alot of hate because other players are enjoying what the game has to offer but im not saying these angry players are in the wrong it just means there is alot of improvements to be made and its Ncsoft's job to sort it out. Take care of your customers and your profit will take care of itself. Btw i was not paid for this its actually me who is paying them im already rank 6 in premium membership :
  4. -what was the previous mmorpg u played? -yes the graphics are really nice especially if u have sweetfx :) -about ur last question. That entirely depends to u :) if u have good friends who are willing to invest time in this game by all means go all out :) if u like competing with friends and other players via pvp and is currently living in the US this is the game for u :)
  5. Show off your characters!!

    My Character <3 White Dragon Costume <3
  6. dafuq did i just watch :))
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    wow i dont know about you guys but this is ugly... the bottom part ruined it for me ~.~ Ripped Jeans!?? more like a RIP OFF if you ask me :)) put something like Fragrance of life or Highborn in RNG boxes then we'll talk ncsoft hehe xD