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  1. 2. The normal Dreamcatcher obtained from HM will work fine. After checking carefully again, one collection requires the normal one and one collection do require the custom version, so you'll need both actually. Why this appears only 1 week before patch? You didn't warn players, since they cannot obtain cosmetic for pretty huge stat-stick achievement? Can then next season tokens be traded for DST costume same was as solo dungeon cosmetics and ToI token exchanges? Would be fair to all people, since we was not warned.
  2. Current game economy cannot support that many pet pods, community managers, that actually tried this game have to understand this. Can u discuss with KR developer team more accurate and reasonable price for this item? Upgrading a soul with around 110 oils is more or less fair, cause it has reasonable price via transmute and obtained from events. Pet pods is just f10 item/trove/boxes. none will transmute it. This is unfair price compare to korea version of the game.
  3. Since some info leaked from Russian test server (in last 3 days or so), there was an option to transmute usual 1 million exp charms for 5 millions exp charm with cost of tradeable resources. Do we get such thing in nearest future or refuse this? The question is really important since most of patches are pretty similar.
  4. As i heard, there is no lvl 50 12 man raids. All raids that goes to be 12 man was made after the lvl 55 content comes to korea/JP etc. Dunno how their gonna solve this cause it was obvios (for me) that if they gonna make raids 12 man, it would be lvl 58 bosses inside. We really need answers about it.
  5. 24man is useless, while most of ppl already split up for 12 ppl teams. It makes sence since ppl start split depends on their time avalible and gear/skill level. Now we need to build up 24 man VT groups with undergeared members. Just make raid 12ppl teams at start, 3 weeks more then enough.
  6. How dare NCSoft to force us install the programm that collects personal data around my PC? To scan installed software and etc. it's ridcolous. When all's good, no need to break it up. Cheating war should be around making game client more safer itself, rather then to use 3rd party garbage software that makes game crash over and over. I already tired of fixing game optimization and connection by myself, and now they want us to install programm that works like worm and breaks all that works fine? I don't even know if my AV programm allow it to function. What i should do if it will be like that? 1
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