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  1. I can almost hear them now "Wah the faction I joined on my server is shit and so am I, it must be because it's low pop, MERGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. There is some irony in this post. Someone always posts a "Not this post again" reaction....always...
  3. There really isn't a good way while leveling on FM that I came across other than dialing back your dps to avoid aggro. You can skill your ice palm to deal no threat and your inferno to deal no threat but neither one accounts for a significant portion of the FM dps. My rotation for my build is LMB > 2 > LMB > 2 > LMB > 1 to apply burning and then just LMB > 2 > LMB > 1 on repeat which gives 4k crits on my 2 and 3k crits on my 1 (note im only 43 atm so fully geared the damage would be higher)......unfortunately this draws aggro and there is no skill to reduce the threat f
  4. I like that this has become the thread for homeless (clanless) people.
  5. I suspect they're trying to be cheeky programmers by limiting the amount of memory block lists consume for players accounts in their database. Cute, but they could expand it a bit. I assume their block list is just an Associative array like a Dictionary in C# or Hashmap in Java, or whatever language the game uses. I assume its size is saved dynamically because reserving 50 slots on memory even when they're empty seems bizarre (then again asian companies have a habit of linking their game logic to the frame rate so more bizarre things have occurred). Either way they're probably trying to save s
  6. So did I and in most situations it works fine and for someone like say @Seemslegit if he doesn't want to see the random garbage in faction chat he can do the same and be happy. It's for those situations when you want to look at the region or faction chat that the bot spam is a problem.
  7. I recommend google in these sorts of situations
  8. @Flyingdeath That's a pretty neat idea...A sort of captcha in game...I know there are bots that can get by them though so you'd have to use a more secure form of verification or they'll just program the bots to get past it.
  9. I know the solution is tough. In the mean-time though can you add or expand (haven't actually checked to see if there is a report bot options) on a report bot option that once reported, adds that account to a block list not associated with the limited size of the actual block list? Make it temporary or permanent whatever you guys see appropriate but I'd like a way to block them without filling up my block list as I understand it has a limited size... Just a thought.
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