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  1. A Peaceful Rant

    I rarely play this game again but what OP say is not current BnS problem Here is the current BnS problem that I can list : 1. RNG RNG everywhere, box, trove, weapon progression, dungeon loot, event, all with small chance of success 2. Toxic community, including leavers, griefers, afk-ers, elites 3. Grind wall, to do high level dungeon you need to get a good gear while the mats mostly came from high level dungeon, it's all working fine but then : 4. Difficulty wall, thanks for separating a high AP small community into smaller Higher AP community by putting insane dungeon mechanics that made people (casuals, noob, old, high ping) can't do that dungeon even if they got the required gear, even if they will got it after a while (maybe not), it push them to the limits and start wondering why I play this game, what I deserve to be yelled in the internet by random people, Also dungeon mechs is just like people mentioned before, it's a Simon Says game and you won't grow much in PVP while doing PvE and vice versa. If you think Yeti, asura is already hard, you should try future dungeon, it's feels like this game was made for really specific target audiences (first time I went to yeti I got yelled because FM refuse to do the mechs and I as summoner should know and do everything while I don't know shit, and yes I watch youtube before hand and still don't grasp much about heat & ice phase) 5. Lag, High ping, random disconnects : well, shit 6. Long dungeon without dragon pulse to catch up 7. Paying (or P2W, P2P, whatever ) well it's ok but I think there were too much RNG in it and in the end unlucky people feel cheated 8. Unbalanced class (NEW) 9. Funny and drunk Match Making System (Silvers vs all gold, gold vs plats, I called it funny because sometime I'm in the all gold vs silvers and drunk when I'm in gold vs plat) 10. There is other games out there, BnS is not the one and only, they should get competitive and target broader audiences Also if you want to respect the programmers, well you should respect them and a million other programmers in this world, and maybe the doctors, enggineers, farmers, chef, hell you should respect all of them to bring all the good stuff PS : Infernal lord , Umbral lord, and the Desolate tomb boss looks you know "wink" "wink" *COUGH* Reused *COUGH* And by all the good side and bad side of BNS, I agree with this verdict from PC GAMER
  2. Higher the limit!

    Try make alts, I already made it and it's double the profit, even better, at some event you can get double prize (like WWV right now)
  3. Why Do We GRIND in BnS?

    Aight so it seems people is fine with grind in BnS but why lower contents are dead and it feels the population who staying are only a fraction of once a great number of players Also it's not about preferences or about the short / long grind, it's about your opinion, do you like the grind in BnS or not?
  4. Why Do We GRIND in BnS?

    1. So Why do you GRIND in BnS? is it to get better (be a virtual master martial arts xD) or get better gear or something else, tell me your opinion 2. Into which category do you think of GRIND in BnS? is it the bad one** or the good one*? **Bad one as described in the video is "the grind is bad , mechanics is bad, if it just seems tacked on then it's probably there to make the game seem there's more to do which is cheap tactic" *Good one as described in the video is "We feel like a part of something and we want to be the best version of us in that situation, it doesn't seems arduous (difficult) and if it's great it doesn't seems it's happening" 3. Tell me your opinion about GRIND in BnS, is it just fine or need improvement or just tell me anything about it Thanks for reading, keep it civilized guys xD
  5. Describe this game in one sentance

    "A confused publisher with a game that catered for hardcore players and no fun... I mean no noob allowed also a toxic community as a byproduct of said hardcore game" You can replace hardcore players to elitist but elitist tend to have negative connotation while hardcore players is a good ping + good skill + have discord players Confused publisher here is NCwest that they seems don't know western audiences respond to this kind of game (You can see in Steam that people favor easy & fun game while hard, grindy, time consuming & frustating game, they just leave poop and gone for good) New and more dungeon that about to come is hard and it has legendary accesories that all people want & need, after grind wall now difficulty wall, not everybody have 100 ping, so NCsoft should see what their player base can afford, If I were NCsoft I'll put 6 man as training & easy dungeon while 4 man is hard dungeon and that legendary necklace can be obtained through collecting legendary fragments by grinding it for 3-5 months or just upgrading your hongmoon accesories << whats the problem with this? Why suddenly changed your own plan, I smell P2W whale milking scheme... No incentive for helping / teaming up with newbie nuff said Hardcore players is asking for challenge but in the end they got bored or frustated by casuals and want easy & no time consuming dungeon. Why NCsoft why you cater this kind of people... Is putting hard & frustating game then ask $$$ Pay to Progress/Win (whatever the definition is f up nowadays) is your business plan? TL;DR : PvE should be easy & fun while PvP can be challenging
  6. Summoner: The End

    No no NCsoft / Team Bloodlust can't nerf Summoner because BnS is stand for Blade and Summoner also I already saw many MMO that died because they nerf the casual class
  7. Summoner: The End

    Thanks to fact that you pulled from your *cricket* , the new summoner Z heal the summoner only 10% and 60% for 24 sec all other party members I just checked & tested it and if you saw summoner can recover a lot health probably they spec their X to heal instead resist 5 damage and if you see above post , they gonna nerf both sunflower & bees sauce please? :3
  8. Black Rose Feather

    You only can get it by doing Heaven Mandate dungeon and you need ivory scale for your party to enter (the hardest part of this dungeon is the ivory scale part) you get the feather by beating the boss (the box give 2 and sometimes additional 5) and daily quest (2 feathers)
  9. Heaven's Mandate role

    Heaven mandate mech : before jinso summons her shadows, kept your DPS low and don't agro the boss They skip the mech because the boss is easy and they can complete the dungeon even if 2 members dead
  10. Summoner: The End

    I knew it! I knew they gonna nerf it, because now a summoner DPS build and assume the boss doesn't move a lot, summoner can deal DPS almost the same as FM without HM skills (multi blaze etc) Summoner heal is heavily benefited the cat & party member BUT not the summoner itself I ran shattered masts and my party member can skip the stay at dry place mech because my heal is OP and... because people burn the boss way too fast, the Boss skip the skills that nullify water stack and I struggling to kept my health up
  11. worst event

    lol where you've been when oceanic casino event ? that's the worst event ever even people who spending $ get nothing & lost ton of gold if they're unlucky This trove event is just like box event, you pay at least you get something Whirlwind event is good, it's revive battleground that long dead and you can't enter more than 2 people and it has rank, so if you kept losing, you'll matched with another loser in 2-3 days from now, while people who has win streak will be matched with another winner (just like arena rank) and the event itself is rewarding
  12. Desolate Tomb Problem

    To make NCsoft nerf this dungeon for NA region :^) or at least nerf the 6 man
  13. Desolate Tomb Problem

    It's also the definition of insanity. Well I guess we can say that the difficulty is... ( ⌐■-■)(⌐■-■)>⌐■-■(⌐■_■)… insane… YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  14. Thank you for the whirlwind valley changes

    Well NCsoft doing right in this one Whirlwind valley is revived, there is event box that rewarding This is good decision, congrats
  15. Desolate Tomb Problem

    That's exactly the problem of this dungeon Usually 6 man is for training while 4 man is where the real test begin but no for this dungeon, it's hard, it's punishing and it's frustrating, so how we can learn this dungeon?