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  1. I find auto arrange very annoying as I am OCD about my custom inventory placement and every now and then I accidently press the auto arrange button and waste time arranging everything again. Glad to see KR is already on top of this however haha XD
  2. The general consensus in faction chat in my server is that this is the worst trove ever. This is the first trove that I don't feel like it was worth the money. Like the original poster said, alot of the normal rolls have the same trash loot that arn't worth the gold you spend on keys, even alot of the criticals have trash loot in them that isn't worth the gold you spend on keys, unlike the previous troves, where getting a critical usually netted you something nice or profitable. From what I can tell looking at the wiki where people have been reporting what loot they get on their cr
  3. When I fought a boss in basin last night, for some reason the delay in my skills activating went up to 1 second or more, even though the in game latency meter said it was 450ms, it was slowed down to twice as slow as normal, then there was a long freeze and the game crashed. The FPS meter was around 30fps at the time, and the temperature on my graphics card and CPU were fine, so i'm sure it wasn't due to overheating. This all started happening when Xigncode was installed. Before that, the game was still playable and didn't crash on bosses in basin, or whenever there were heaps of people on scr
  4. I do put time and money into the game, and I would have gotten superfan if not for bad RNG where I kept rolling taskmasters all the time. I do like the token idea as well, could use tokens to get superfan if RNG was bad. Couple of things I want to clear up that a few people mentioned. Buying keys using gold, yes I do this as well, but I only make around 80g a day because I have around 500ms ping and am not in a big clan so I can't farm hard mode dungeons, I can barely get through normal mode dungeons without feeling like I'm holding everyone back, so most of my money comes from 6 c
  5. I thought of something else, besides having them on the HM store, or being able to trade them so you can buy them off the market from luckier players, what about being able to exchange one outfit from trove with another from trove? I did see task master come up about 4 times, and in the last trove saw alot of other costumes, just not the one I actually wanted. If we could exchange one for the other then it would help with the RNG when you have more than 1 costume in the drop list and keep getting the same one.
  6. Not buying keys won't show them who's boss, people go crazy buying keys every trove, they certainly won't miss my 100-200 keys. What I'm talking about is being practical and giving people options for the cosmetic stuff. I don't think it will affects the sales of keys much since most people want the materials and gems, not the costumes. Even if they just made all the costumes tradable so people can sell them on the market that would work too. On a side note, if you don't have anything constructive to add to the converation why bother commenting at all?
  7. Xigncode decreased my performance as well, I even started crashing at big boss fights in celestial basin, which wasn't happening before. Its not just me either, all the people in my clan and on my friends list have said the same thing when I asked them.
  8. After buying 150 keys trying to get Superfan this trove, and not getting one...and 200 keys last trove trying to get the costume that looks like Goku's outfit from dragon ball Z and not getting that either...I'd like to suggest selling the cosmetics from trove directly on the HM store during trove, for those of us who just want the costumes without having to spend 5-6 times more than we usually do gambling on trove and then not getting the costume. I would also like to know if these costumes will be added to the HM store at some point down the road because I would like to add them to my collec
  9. This bug has existed since WL was released and probably will never be fixed at this rate. I know its not a 'game breaking' bug that affects everyone, but having to kill the same mob 3-5 times and because it resets multiple times, even if you are standing on its head and not moving because it is reset by some skill or effect in your rotation that it doesn't like is a huge waste of time when you take into account places like celestial basin where you may have to kill 40-70 mobs to get 800 peaches or something. Its not just shackle that resets either, any of our CC abilities will do it, the only
  10. Dude I have been having the same problem since the 64bit client was released!
  11. You do realised that over 50% of the players in this game are FTP right? Also most sub only games fail and end up going free to play so they don't close down. Kiddies don't want to pay a 10 US dollar a month let alone 50. You are a bit out of touch with the current demographic of the MMO community if you don't realise this dude.
  12. There is a new post on reddit about how someone got their account locked for using Mudfish...so that one is out, now I'm starting to think they are going after everyone using a ping booster...if so, that would be alot of people who don't live in america getting banned simply because they can't play the game without them...
  13. From what he has told me, he has been back and forth with them over the details and the result is he has to stop using kill ping if he wants to play anymore. Which in effect means he will have to quit because BnS is nightmare to play with 400-500ms ping.
  14. A friend of mine asked me to post on the forums because his account was banned for using kill ping and he can't post anything. I don't know all the details, but he is not american and his ping is really bad, 400+ ms without kill ping. He had been using it for about a year with no trouble, but recently his account got hacked when clicked on a free 7 day BnS premium post on Reddit, and they banned his account for that. He appealed and they re-opened his account, only to ban him again supposedly because now that he has been hacked they won't let him use kill ping any more because of the suspiciou
  15. Plenty of people want this change to happen, its just that quite a lot of players don't actually read the forums. I'd really like legendary skins to be exportable too for the same reasons you mentioned.
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