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  1. also remember to TURN OFF "Use Reflex Context Guide" setting under 'Game', 'Camera' settings to prevent the bug that FREEZES your screen during Midnight Plains when turtle does his special attack (it's the setting that shows the counter skill to use when boss does his special attack) .. usually does massive freeze/lag during MSP boss fights with some video drivers unless that setting is turned off
  2. Pnig, here's industry data you can check youself .. this is just one of MANY data mining multiple studies done at multiple different game companies throughout the industry every couple of years to track sales --all showed only about 2% buy: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-04-09-only-2-2-percent-of-free-to-play-users-ever-pay-report "Retention and monetization are two of the biggest challenges for any free-to-play game developer. But as reported by Re/code, a new report from app testing firm Swrve suggests they may be even more challenging than previously believed.
  3. it would be nice if you could progress just as fast as a paying customer but this is the reality/necessity of running any software business for those who never worked at a software company or business before (on the bright side, if others get powerful with their gear regardless, all the better since it just means they will help clear the dungeon/raid faster) 1) Almost ALL free-to-play MMO games have it that you can buy cosmetics as well as upgrade materials because ONLY about 2% (industry average) of the population buys something from the store -- and WITHOUT THE PLAYERS BUYING SOMETHING
  4. just download & try it --it may run slow & u probably need to set everything to lowest resolution & settings but can at least try it out
  5. 2nd that .. all NCsoft has to do is put a giant "OPTIONAL" tag on the quest list & NPC dialogue & on all blue quests so new players don't get confused by them & bogged down doing them thinking they are necessary -quick, cheap, & easy script
  6. Gaming sites have reported that Steam requires a 10%-30% share of all revenue from any game it lists -it differs depending on negotiations (and is actually private NDA so above is just testimonials from anonymous developers who cite those figures) .. which is about standard since Apple Store, I Tunes, Google Play, & Uber & Lyft, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc all charge about 30% share of all revenue also from the apps & drivers it lists but most businesses don't want to give over 10%-30% to another business if the added number of users/revenue doesn't exceed the 10%-30% cut
  7. These games don't have much PvP where the PC players will slaughter the console players causing them to rage quit
  8. you can try to run at a lower resolution (1280x720 or 1366x768) to get higher FPS otherwise, most laptops don't have upgradeable graphics except for the top-of-the-line MSI & Alienware gaming laptops (I have an upgradeable graphics MSI GT series Dominator Pro --you can find them on Ebay for $1,200+ use search function for 'gaming laptop' with Nvidia 1060 video cards for $800+ on SlickDeals in the Hot Deals forum https://slickdeals.net/newsearch.php?childforums=1&q=gaming+laptop&quicksearch=1&s=
  9. The problem is your video card that has only 2 GB memory or computer if it has than 8 GB or less.. when you first start & in small areas or less people, you will get higher FPS.. but what happens is that during certain dungeons/raids & as you play, more players/mobs/areas load up & fill up your video memory.. once it's full, it will lag as it resorts to slower system memory instead of much faster video memory.. thus requiring a reboot to clear your memory out due to Unreal Engine's memory leaks (both in the video card as well as system memory) also, the 860 cards were
  10. It's really up to Sony & whether they think it'll gain customers (play with PC friends) or lose more customers (they get slaughtered by PC players using mouse/keyboard)
  11. I play max graphics & get a rock solid 60-120+ FPS during raids set to 1920x1080p hooked up to my HDTV for the past 2 years on a $1,200 gaming laptop with a i7 Intel processor & Nvidia Geforce 980M GTX but you can find equivalent Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX video cards for $229+ & and gaming laptops with equivalent Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX cards start at $899 at Microcenter as well as at the Hot Deals forum at SlickDeals (just google it for site address) as well as on Ebay Various gaming review test sites like TomsHardware, Anandtech, etc show that Unreal Engine games like
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