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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    I cant remember the last time I posted on this forum, but I chose to login to officially comment about this. I find this to be very bad management. If the patch was not ready and the developers gave you some incomplete version to use on the stream... perhaps you should roll the whole patch back? I had roughly 160 demon spirit stones and 40-50 white orbs. We were told that they would be converted. You were "misinformed". Sorry it wont happen again in the future? That is good news for the future... but bad news for the present. I think people should be compensated. They should at least convert to 1 gold each or something. I know that I would have used my white orbs on the second boss, Kaari in CS if I knew they were just going to change to 1 copper. Or maybe run HM for the hell of it until the white orbs were depleted just to get the quest rewards.