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  1. Auction house. Or you can craft it with soul wardens.
  2. Should I come back?

    I came back after taking a break in April. Pretty fun so far.
  3. Hujikar makes newcomers quit..

    I just started playing and me and an assassin farmed it together, it took me 8 kills and we were channel hopping to make it faster. He basically killed it for me by staying invisible the whole time. For me personally it wasn't that bad. I read that the best place to use my moonwater keys is the purple dungeon weapons. Also if you join a guild your buddies can help you kill him.
  4. Gifting NCcoin items for gold

    Yes it is allowed, I do it all the time in Wildstar.
  5. The beta link he listed got changed, everything has been shifted one level, so level 7 is actually level 6 atm. Level 10 requires 1.2 million points..
  6. Block vs Defense stat

    Defense reduces ALL damage based on percent of damage reduction. Block is a chance to negate the damage from a SINGLE attack.
  7. attack power gems

    depends on how much attack power you have before hand. if you have ~300 ap, the you're on getting a ~5% boost in damage..
  8. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    Grats lol..
  9. It'll be out of the store in a week or 2, also you can't buy it with hongmoon coins, only real money (ncoins)..
  10. Looks like need make blade dancer

    LOL what's your mmr at <1600?
  11. You're Level 45 ---- Now What?

    What about ogres or wyrm, I always see ppl typing tht in chat.
  12. Just buy the essence on marketplace 60copper ea spin.
  13. Cats

    Wow i didn't realize you could change the cats appearence. Where was that option?
  14. Newer servers are already becoming ghost towns, it's your call though.
  15. hello, help please

    Set up a google auth on your account. Use that.
  16. Damn OP got a lot of bites! 10/10 bait
  17. Brilliant Moonwater Key

    The ones selling for 600ncoins are only 1gold?
  18. BDO testing is open for registration

    its not f2p in NA, it is b2p (buy to play). Plus there will be a cash shop with a bunch of questionable merch + costumes/cosmetics.
  19. BDO testing is open for registration

    No arena no high end PvE, have fun grinding goblins!
  20. lol that's pretty ugly, no offense.
  21. are their market bots??

    The marketplace is shared between every server.
  22. Wings of Mushin

    Maybe read the quest text on side of the screen, it tells you what you need to do.
  23. Hajoon Tribute

    Huck Fajoon.