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  1. Auction house. Or you can craft it with soul wardens.
  2. Should I come back?

    I came back after taking a break in April. Pretty fun so far.
  3. Hujikar makes newcomers quit..

    I just started playing and me and an assassin farmed it together, it took me 8 kills and we were channel hopping to make it faster. He basically killed it for me by staying invisible the whole time. For me personally it wasn't that bad. I read that the best place to use my moonwater keys is the purple dungeon weapons. Also if you join a guild your buddies can help you kill him.
  4. Gifting NCcoin items for gold

    Yes it is allowed, I do it all the time in Wildstar.
  5. The beta link he listed got changed, everything has been shifted one level, so level 7 is actually level 6 atm. Level 10 requires 1.2 million points..
  6. Block vs Defense stat

    Defense reduces ALL damage based on percent of damage reduction. Block is a chance to negate the damage from a SINGLE attack.
  7. attack power gems

    depends on how much attack power you have before hand. if you have ~300 ap, the you're on getting a ~5% boost in damage..
  8. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    Grats lol..
  9. It'll be out of the store in a week or 2, also you can't buy it with hongmoon coins, only real money (ncoins)..
  10. Looks like need make blade dancer

    LOL what's your mmr at <1600?
  11. You're Level 45 ---- Now What?

    What about ogres or wyrm, I always see ppl typing tht in chat.
  12. Just buy the essence on marketplace 60copper ea spin.
  13. Cats

    Wow i didn't realize you could change the cats appearence. Where was that option?
  14. Newer servers are already becoming ghost towns, it's your call though.