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  1. The Main City of Blade and Soul

    Indeed. In TERA I could just idle in Velika watching all the foot traffic run around and the Elins dancing and whatnot and it felt like home. Nothing like that in BnS.

    I like how the apologist kiddies will defend even the most garbage aspects of a game and tell you not to play it if you don't like it. If everyone quit then you wouldn't have a game to defend, lol. How about this: The OP did not cause the garbage loot rule to remain in the game. NCSoft did. Players should have confidence that they aren't wasting their time when they go on a dungeon run. If you don't like the contents of a forum thread, don't post in it. Nobody cares about the opinion of an apologist or fanboy. Sounds good to me.
  3. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Yes, that's all very nice but without an established lore you can't just assume different species can mate. Halfings exist in other fantasy worlds because we're told they exist. You don't just see a Lyn and a Gon and assume they can have children together...
  4. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Yes an no. If you took "race" literally then crossmating can occur but most MMOs use the term "race" when they actually mean "species" and crossmating cannot naturally occur between species.
  5. Edited the topic, regardless, because I do care about lore enough to stay true to it when possible. I simply used the word mana reflexively and didn't really think about qi being a thing in this game.
  6. It would be nice if when Windwalking on roads you had infinite stamina especially since Windwalking essentially replaces mounts in this game. I can understand the stamina system in general but having limited Windwalking when running long distances between cities is like having a mount that only works for 12 seconds at a time. It's a little annoying so how about he have infinite stamina while on roads and call it "qi lines" or "qi currents" or somesuch to explain it away, lore-wise? (Edited for qi-related reasons.)
  7. How easy is to get costumes?

    And? It's 5 costumes, -1 because everyone starts with it, -1 because 50% of everyone has it and you can't wear it unless you want to PvP, -1 since it's a common event reward everyone will have... So "customization" up to level 12 or so is like 2-3 costumes. Customization is limited for awhile. The question the OP asked is answered. End of story. The apologists on this board that tell you you're wrong at every turn even for pointing out obvious facts are getting a little tiring.
  8. How easy is to get costumes?

    In most games armor is different from costumes as you can mix and match parts for a more unique look. Only having costumes greatly reduces customization.
  9. You must be a unicorn. Either that or you bought something pre-launch and they changed the restrictions post-launch:

    Cash shop weapon skins are one-time use? Who's the moron that came up with that idea? Good thing I haven't bought any yet. Now I know not to.
  11. How easy is to get costumes?

    At level 12 I've gotten access to only a handful of in-game outfits: Hongmoon uniform (start the game with it), faction uniform (can only wear if you want to PvP), Stalker RNG wheel costume + adornment (if you're lucky enough or willing to grind for it), Daily Dash costume (I actually can't win this anymore unless I roll 6s for like a week straight...) some other uniform (can't remember what quest but you get the option between two different colors) and a Bamboo Guard uniform (you get it from a quest). That might sound like a decent amount of free costumes but, as you said, there is no armor in this game so the variety is pretty limited right now. I especially dislike the narrative dissonance between the game acting so surprised that you survived the assault on the Hongmoon School when you're literally surrounded by Hongmoon uniforms. I know the Korean version has a much bigger cash shop but they've yet to bring most of that over.
  12. And the Stalker weapons are only relevant around level 8 or so while you need to be level 15 to even use the auction house.
  13. More Character Slots?

    I'd also like a value bundle like TERA's retail box which gives you 8 slots per server, fully unlocked banks on all servers and a bunch of other goodies for like $15-20. I'd buy a pack like that for BaS but I'm not paying $5 per slot and however much for a bunch of pouches.
  14. And maybe dailies will give you enough keys to avoid having to buy them. I don't know. I haven't gotten to that point yet. The fact is that if they don't give you enough free keys and I do get to the point that I need to buy them to continue then I will quit before buying cash shop gamble keys. Like I said, on one of my chars it took 10 or more keys to get the Stalker weapon I needed. If dailies give you like 3 keys (just guessing here) then that would have taken me four days to get the weapon I needed. That's a waste of my time and I'd rather not put up with it.
  15. RNG is fine in an MMO. RNG that requires keys is not. On one char I got my required Stalker weapon after like 3 keys. On my other char it took like 10 keys. The day I find myself out of keys and needing them for a required upgrade for my weapon is the day I quit the game. I don't do cash shop gambling in video games. If I happen to make it through the game without needing to buy keys then good for NCSoft because I do like to spend money in the cash shop, just not on gambling. If I don't, though, then it's their loss.