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  1. Because all the publishing companies are in either NA or Asia. The only publishing companies here are branches off some other countries companies like say EA for example. Also how is a player such as myself going to make enough money to work towards a solution? The most i can do is complain on the forums to get the word out that there is a player base here to support the needs for a server. What else can i do? Since the solution in the end is to make a server in other regions such as Oceania etc.
  2. While some of this is true, if they were to have a server here it wouldn't be a new client or a newly published game. It would just be a new option under the client where we can choose NA/EU and a new option OCE. The server would most likely just be operated through the cloud, otherwise it doesn't hurt to hire a few guys to maintain it if they cant use the cloud. They can all ways do what LoL did and up the prices for Oceanic players due to the taxes etc. I could be wrong but i don't remember them publishing games like DoTa2 or LoL in Australia yet we got servers. Im probably wrong here also but as long as the servers up and the games available to download i don't see why they have an issue. I mean Nexon NA managed to do it with Vindictus(the games dead). Im sure NCSoft West can do it for us. Its really depressing that just because I am in another country it immediately secludes me from enjoying this game. Every time i either do PvP or Mushin's tower i immediately want to stop playing the game as all my key presses are super delayed and half my skills dont register to the server before the time window to combo is up. Every time i watch videos of people playing in their respective regions it just makes me want to quit even more and more. Seriously the attack speed on someone under 80 ping is insane compared to 250+ ping. In the end everyone will think im just a bad player but just as with ALMOST EVERY MMO we are forgotten. We have such a big MMO following here but almost everyone outside of the country fails to notice. And the ones that did notice are the ones rolling in money right now(ok maybe not nexon with vindictus but it was dead when they launched the servers here). Also i would say we are supported as the game we got is catered to westerners and im not sure how educated of the outside world some of you are but we are also westerners, we play all the games you guys get, we do pretty much all the same stuff you guys do. Also you wouldn't complain about terrible latency? You wouldn't complain for a server in your region especially when other game companies have done so. There is little to no game dev companies here because all the game devs and publishers are either in Asia or NA. And we still get the same games as you. So you would just be like "oh well next game, no point complaining for a game i really like". Seriously if you were passionate for a game you wouldn't just be like "oh well thats just too bad." you would complain your heart out. Also we don't think we are entitled, We are just sick and tired of stuff like this and are asking for a server and giving them a reason to do so. I know a lot of you guys complained when you guys didn't have servers and you got them yet now you guys are against us getting servers? Im sorry but that seems very selfish. We were apart of that mob that demanded servers yet we were left out in the dust when it comes to the servers we play on. Australia isnt apart of EU like some people think. We are pretty much directly between EU and NA, Fill in the gap with an Oceanic server and boom lower ping and more players that enjoy the game = more people who will willingly spend money on the game = MORE MONEY, No matter the effort it takes to do so.
  3. I tried that and i get lowest 190ms ping. Im with optus so the routing to eastern countries is through NA.
  4. Post updated with video proof of me showing off how bad the latency can get even for a class that isn't so ping dependent.
  5. Oh wow some one who isn't on the east coast of Australia! Im in the same boat as you mate. It sucks. Although i don't have NBN, the best ping i can get is 220ms with stuff like wtfast. It really is hard trying to play with this ping, sometimes i just have to give up when Im vsing another blade dancer and i see them using flicker like a machine gun, the damage difference is insane. Also for any of you who dont live in Australia, NBN (National Broadband Network) is basically our Optic Fibre Network w/speeds of up to 100mbps. Although its not an ISP.
  6. I see a lot of people complaining about the lag in their area, Which is fine to complain. But i see a lot of people complaining about getting 200+ ms and complaining that it is completely unplayable. Here for us that is how it is ALL the time, the lowest ive seen people get here is about 180ms. And no it is not your stereotypical terrible Australian internet which recently is not true for a lot of people (sure in some places you might have terrible internet but i think that goes for everywhere in the world). I know the launch servers were NA/EU but as far as i remember when announced it said "Bringing Blade & Soul to the West!". Australia/New Zealand are also Western, So why not put a server there? I can see how some might think that no one here would play the game to be a profit for them to host a server here, Now get the stupid "Australia is filled with deadly animals and insects etc" stereotype out as we are a 1st world country like NA/EU and we don't all hunt etc (we aren't even allowed guns for the most part). Plus the country is very multicultural so im sure there would be a fair amount of players that would be interested, Also there is a large MMO playerbase here yet most of us move on to other games that were smart enough to make servers here(LoL, Dota, WoW, Vindictus etc.) as Oceanic players are considered Non-existing to the majority of NA MMO Devs. The Petition that majority of us wont sign as the website is unknown to the majority of us, has risen by about 3000-4000 signatures since launch. Now for a game that is made for low ping, Why is there no servers where needed? Western countries are not just NA/EU. I also feel for other countries like Brazil and South Africa, As they to also get terrible ping and i sure hope they get servers in time to. The thought that either that no one is either here to play on a server here or that we wont have interest in playing in Oceania is just wrong as that just makes NO ONE from the region want to play as that just shows no one cares about the region and just shuns is like every other game company has. Also i could be wrong although i think not as some of the game developers have commented on various forums saying they are considering making servers here. Now to me that says that they most likely have the money or can somehow get the money to make a server here. Seriously one of the rings in the Olympic rings (green) represents Australia and Oceania, We aren't some little island off the coast of no where. Seriously though the lag is insane to play at a constant 200-300+ ms for me personally i have trouble on 7th floor mushins tower because of it, As a Blade dancer, my Draw stance LMB is a very good source of damage especially with an animation cancel, Now because of my terrible ping the rate at which it attacks is quite slow, even with the attack speed spec. It is so slow that it actually effects my actual DPS, And by a substantial amount also. This causes me to get Junghado to get to about 15-10% health before he enrages because i just couldnt do enough DPS. But the worst thing it effects out of everything is the PvP. Seriously how can i even enjoy the most fun and exciting thing about this game with 200-300+ ms ping? And no im not rolling a Summoner/Destroyer etc. Seriously the things i could do with decent ping. I also see myself being able to press abilities on time yet because of the ping it just doesn't register in time I have managed to get to 1700 rating with this terrible ping and that seems to be my limit. Sure Blade dancer isn't an overly hard/Ping Dependant class like KFM but it sure helps to have better ping as the amount of games i could have one once i baited out their CC breaks and stun then whilst in draw stance to unleash the DPS from Flicker + Lightning Flash but could only get about 2 hits in before the stun runs out or when an ability wont cast mid combo due to the latency. Seriously i see blade dancers fit in their Blitzblade and Soaring falcon before their ascend while doing their combo whilst i have trouble fitting in either of them. And on their end they must think I am just a terrible player. Its almost impossible to counter anything while being grabbed or phantom gripped. Everything is just super delayed and isn't enjoyable for the most part. Now watch some NA/EU players say it isn't viable from a business standpoint or say that they need more servers first etc. Yet we have it worse than them and if they brought servers to other places such as Australia, The game would be more popular with more players and also bring in more money as more of the player base would actually enjoy the game and be willing to spend money on it. Seriously look at LoL, It started off as nothing and is now one of the most popular games in the world, And has servers in almost every location you can think of. And it didn't just start with all those servers either but because of them adding them brought a much bigger player base with more people enjoying for more money to be rolled in. One of the locations being Oceanic, Now LoL is a competitive game and Blade & Soul is also a competitive game now what if you took some of the player base from Oceanic LoL and put it into Blade & Soul? BOOM new found Player base for Blade & Soul worth putting money into as a lot of competitive Gamers sometimes want more or a different approach as i have heard a lot of people are quitting LoL for other games. Nows the time to make more Servers NCSoft It will definitely pay off. Sorry for the wall of text. But i love this game to bits to simply have to put up with this terrible nonsense as most Oceanic players have just given up hope and don't rant about it just like with all other MMO's without Oceanic Servers. Comment your opinions/thoughts but if you are just here to say stupid stuff like it isn't viable or there isn't enough players here then just don't. Edit: Here is a video of me showing off the latency, I cant even manage to pull off a full blade dancer air combo.
  7. You know the world is also huge? Much bigger than NA and EU Combined. And all the westerners that the game caters to would like to play not just NA/EU. They said that they brought the game to the west and the launch servers would be NA/EU. The game is identical for both NA/EU its the same client unlike KR/CN/TW/JP. Meaning making a server in Oceania would need no change either. And of course you dont care if Australians get servers because all you most likely care about is your own servers for your own needs not the whole of the community. If at least 10k(thats the signature amount Majority of us haven't even seen the petition) of the 1 Million players are from Oceania then ide call that a decent part of the community. Im sure if i was NCSOFT and i saw 10k players leave i wouldnt just shrug it off. And seriously you complain that the lag is too much? Mate try 300+ ms for the majority of all your games and game devs just ignoring you because they fail to acknowledge that their is a community of players outside of the devs country. Seriously even Vindictus(VERY DEAD GAME) made servers for Australia(and are still live till this day) and they are under Nexon NA, If they can do it Im definitely sure NCSOFT West can make one. Some of the devs even said they are looking into servers for Oceania/SEA and if they say that then that mean they most likely have the money to do it or can find a way to do so. Therefore they are most likely just seeing if there is a decent enough playerbase worthy of the investment. I have seen multiple posts Complaining about people within Oceanic/SEA regions getting terrible lag and asking for servers, and with heaps of replies also. So with just that it seems there would be a decent enough playerbase. And you can't just say oh well that have terrible internet anyway, Or they will just stop playing after a couple weeks or any other excuse because its simply just not that. And if we were to leave why wouldnt NA/EU do the same? You guys incapable of boredem or something? Seriously there is no reason not to support and be against Oceanic/SEA servers. It makes you look selfish and want it all to yourself. If it was the other way round and only SEA/OCE had servers i would definitely support the want for servers in other regions such as EU/NA as i would want to broaden the playerbase so the game stays alive. I cant see why you would want to argue against it. As a company, i would want the majority of the world to be able to play first without the connection being so terrible that its actually unplayable. Like hard delays on skills like we do here. Then if so succeeds then move onto moving some servers or adding more within each regions states etc, to ensure an even bigger more solid playerbase that wouldnt leave just because of their connection. Seriously you cant complain about lag until you have been rejected so many times by devs to get servers. And have to live with 300+ ms.
  8. WoW has about 6-8million players last i checked. BnS has just over 1million players. Now i can tell not all but a big portion of us have bought premium. So similar to WoWs sub fee. Although Blizzard would get more money from Expansions. Seriously 15-1 Im sure NCSoft can afford just hosting 1 new server. They do it every couple days for NA/EU why not us. Also if they have to speak to NCSoft KR then they should if NC West sees a fair amount of players they cant just ignore it they will want to ask if they have to. Im sorry but im pretty sure the game is for Western players since that was the goal. BRINGING BLADE AND SOUL TO THE WEST. Aus/NZ is western believe it or not. We don't speak any different language to you. We aren't even asking for our own branch. We already got our western branch. The game would not change a bit if it had servers here. We aren't asking for a new release. Just at least 1 server to host the english version of the game. I highly doubt the game would have much higher rating or any higher rating at all in AUS as jiggly breasts aren't going to do much. I can understand for Countries that may have another first language but here in AUS/NZ we speak english and that only. We are full Western, Literally why would they even need a publisher. I dont see Activision Australia or Activision Oceania anywhere as their own publisher. Neither would NC West, I mean look at League of Legends they dont have Riot OCE its just Riot games end of story. NC West is catering to the west, We are in for the ride too buddy and if our issues arent addressed because someone from NA complained that they were getting 130ms and thought it was "unplayable" and they suddenly fix his problem pronto with more servers because hes from "NA" then a large portion of players from outside the country will be very very upset. If the game was ONLY meant for players of NA/EU then why dont they do what vindictus (yeah that dead game) did and block any ip outside of the servers countries. What the actual hell do you think we are doing. ITS A POST ABOUT OCEANIC SERVERS!!! And also we dont even need interpreters we are Westerners just like the lot of you in the US, We speak *cricket* English none of that would be needed. We are the same as you we got the western version of the game and its missing a server in a western region! Cmon even VINDICTUS has Australian Servers. And that game has way less of a playerbase than us. And they arent even the main company. Nexon NA and the main company being NEXON KR. IF EVEN DEAD VINDICTUS CAN MAKE AUSTRALIAN SERVERS WHY CANT NCSOFT MAKE ONE FOR US? Hell even Titanfall which last time i checked had about 500 players online on PC still somehow keeps up servers for Xbox and PC for Australia. There is very little excuse to make and Oceanic/SEA/ANZ server.
  9. Yes But if Blizzard can make around 15 servers in our region, why cant NCSoft make at least 1? Do you wonder why we are demanding Oceanic servers? SO WE CAN PLAY WITH LOWER PING. We average with 250-500ms Ping. If you were getting that type of connection would you want to keep playing? If half of your abilities wouldn't cast on time or even sometimes not at all simply because of the fact the server is on the other side of the world. I would kill to be able to play even with a canadian connection. I bet they play with like a maximum of 150ms. Too be quite honest thats a little selfish if you guys are complaining about the lag in the US yet we here are sitting with a connection so delayed it makes you want to not play anymore. Also Australia is of similar size to USA. Yet we dont complain about one side of the country getting a server and one not. Simply because the connection is still very playable. Anything under 90ms is considered playable. And anything over 200ms is pretty much unplayable. Even EU players get a better connection to the NA servers than us. How would we go about posting on forums or even messaging or any form of communication to the main branch? Not trying to be racist at all here, But we dont even speak their language. I know most likely that some of the countries would speak english as their second or possibly third language. But me personally would have no clue how to send any form of complaint to NCSoft KR or any of the others. Also we didn't complain because NCSoft even said they would try to get Oceanic/SEA servers. Majority of games i have played with an Oceanic/Australian(Named Australian Even though not hosted in the country.) server actually had the server hosted in Singapore since its fairly close and possibly cheaper so that i would not mind. Do you honestly think all people who want Oceanic servers would sign that petition. Most people dont want to make a new account just for one thing, Especially if its on a website majority of us have never heard of. Most of us actually want to play this game, And one of the main attractions is the PvP/Arena which is VERY connection based. Even your LMB auto attacks are effected by ping. I mean look at League of Legends they were a super small company when they started. Smaller than NCSOFT NA yet look at them now. And they invested and took the risk to make servers else where besides just NA and EU since there are a lot more places for people to game. Im sure they can make at least 1 server. Us Oceanic players have been neglected from most game companies for a long time. And only from the past few years have we seen Oceanic servers be a thing. Such as LoL/CSGO/DotA2/Smite/WoW etc. Some of the people from Oceania/SEA are going to leave the game because of this lag and the game will slowly lose players and die. Not saying we are the community for BnS but every player counts and the playerbase from Oceania/SEA isnt small. We are more asking them to take a risk and make Oceanic servers. We aren't saying YOU GAIS HAS SO MUCH MONEY MAKE SERVERS NAO.
  10. Oceanic players unite!

    +1 for Oceanic Servers. Seriously We need them. I know a lot of people who either dont want to play or invest money into the game because they don't want to or cant put up anymore with the latency issues from being so distant from the servers. I would also like to play the game competitively but cant sadly because of latency. Please bring them i would throw money at the screen especially if they had character transfers from NA/EU.
  11. Yes but i was putting that as an example, People are still interested in MMO games here. I mean look at wow they have around 10-15 Oceanic Based Servers. And those servers aren't empty either. Btw slowly we are getting Optic Fibre put into our homes. Most people are getting 50mb/s Now and i can guarantee that servers would have well beyond that. I dont know why you would argue against at all for Oceanic Servers. It doesnt hurt you at all, Its not like they are just going to start ignoring NA and only focus on OCE or something stupid like that. NCSoft NA have almost nothing to do besides translating and bug fixing etc. All the content and cash shop items are already developed from korea. So unless there team is SUPER Small im pretty sure they have time to invest into a server that addresses a pretty big portion of the world Oceania. I could understand from a business point for making a server for somewhere like hawaii which wouldnt cater to many people to make profit. But Oceania is pretty big if you ask me.
  12. Alright, So it seems people think NCSoft would know how many people from certain regions are connecting to their game (which they should). Did you ever think that some people just never bothered to download and play the game because of the simple fact that there is no Servers for their region. I mean look at WoW and the LoL Oceanic playerbase, Thats thriving fine and LoL is one of the most competitive games to play right now. Also there is absolutely no Blade and Soul marketing here in AUS/NZ, If there was then that petition would have filled up long by now. Because look at it we have 10k Signatures with no marketing and last time i checked Australia's population was in the 20 millions so if 10k of 20 million with no marketing at all, Imagine what it would be WITH marketing. Remember you Oceanic outsiders. We do exist, There is a market here. And Australia isn't some baron wasteland full of kangaroos and crocodiles and animal hunters/tamers. We are a 1st world country just like the others. Bringing a server here will do more good than harm. Also there would be more people entering the Championship for this game if we had our own server. I know you people from NA/EU got it good but we still cant play the game how its supposed to be played. So look out for us so we can kick butt in this game as good as you guys can. Seriously the ping difference even effects Attack speed DRASTICALLY.
  13. Oceanic Servers

    I couldn't agree more with this. With a game like this that requires quick reaction times for countering abilities etc, We definitely need Localized servers for the Oceanic Region. I play a Blade Dancer and my auto attack for example feels extremely slow to attack compared to videos i have seen with people playing within the region of their server. I've heard they are planning a World Championship for the game that Korea has had for a while and now people from the English version are able to enter, It would be hard for anyone who is outside of the servers region such as NA/EU to be able to even train themselves to be good enough to enter that tournament, You can only play so good when your connection to the server effects your reaction time/attack speed etc. "World" Championship isn't really a "World" Championship if only NA/EU and Korea and any other location Blade and Soul is Localized, The world isn't just those regions. Who knows perhaps someone here in the Oceania region has the potential to dominate the leaderboards and earn Championship status. But sadly with the lack of Servers in the region we are unable to show off our potential. Other Big Games including MMO's have now introduced Oceanic Servers such as WoW/LoL/DotA2/CS:GO etc, All of which are played as esports. Im sure its nice for NA/EU to finally get localized servers but we in Oceania have been waiting to. TL:DR If the game wants to live and be known as an esport it needs to have more localized servers to bring a bigger player base and let people show their true potential without being held by the skill cap called latency. New servers for example in Oceania/ANZ(Australia/New Zealand).