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  1. Not sure if this answers your question, but anyway..
  2. Sooo...

    I don't think the release date will be on the 23rd if thats what you're confused about
  3. Oh I was not rushing at all! maxed out most of the nodes, almost reached professional rank in horse taming / horse combat, did pretty much everything except upgrading my gears to +15.. farming end game was just too difficult, and everyone had ghillie suits on which made the game very P2W and unfair for certain job classes when it comes to PVP Tree of Savior was a game I played before getting into Blade and Soul & Black Desert, closed beta was great! excellent community, and I'm getting ready for the game launch next week.. currently studying the job classes, synergy bonuses with certain jobs, and how well they do in PVE solo/party
  4. I left Blade & Soul at level 45 / HM4, went to Black Desert Online and got to level 50 something and left that game too, and i'm currently waiting for Tree of Savior as well This game has a much larger fanbase than Blade & Soul ever had.. players from Ragnarok Online, Secrets of Solstice, and Final Fantasy Tactics have been waiting for an MMO like this for many years
  5. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    if you ever made a new account with NCSOFT or played any of their other games, you wont be able to use that same payment info to buy cash shop stuff anymore.. they will just ban you again if you tried so be careful
  6. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    You are right, NCSOFT does have issues on their side with billing, and charging someone for a service they cant use can get them sued, what im saying is that instead of reversing the transaction through paypal, it could have been done through NCSOFT support
  7. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    - He/She closed account by accident - Premium subscription was still recurring even though account was closed - He/She checked paypal and notice was still being billed by NCSOFT for premium - He/She did a claim at paypal to reverse the transaction and recieved the money back - He/She then sends a ticket to NCSOFT requesting the account be reopened/unbanned - NCSOFT keeps the account permanently banned due to chargeback violation
  8. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    I thought YOU wanted a refund? you got it, and now you want your account back too? you cant have both in that situation.. its either one or the other, you would have to talk to support if you want to pay them back what you owe, but i dont recommend it
  9. NCSoft Banned me for Paypal Claim

    reason was, you did a chargeback for the money they were still charging you even after your account was closed/banned, you got the money back, it came out of NCSOFT pocket, and basically you owe them and will remain banned until you pay them back.. just keep the money because this game really isnt worth it
  10. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    easy with a sparkling attack diamond.. but hell no i perfer the evasion diamondB
  11. qutting main mmo over this one

    The only Long Term thing about FFXIV is the dungeon queue. if you're new to that game you will never get any of the dungeons for the storyline quests done due to the game barely having any new players, and a large majority of the game population being Japanese, everyones running end game dungeons and alot of them are Elitists.. im sure u wouldn't like it
  12. qutting main mmo over this one

    depends on what you call "Good MMO" and FFXIV surely isnt a good MMO at all.. it has its share of issues too
  13. Most Mastercards have a Securecode authentication, making it very difficult for stuff like this to happen online.. but alot of other credit cards don't have it.. Paypal should take those same measures too
  14. I think u should lawsuit or do a chargeback.. either way your acct is going to be banned if you deal with customer support and they wont help you get your RL money back
  15. How dead is this game already?

    My new home is BDO