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  1. Yeah, im not wanting to be a troll, i loved the game thats why im trying to indicate one issue that i think that is breaking their wonderfull MMO.
  2. wich is worst? not being able to play or play with some issues?
  3. I love the fact they are paying atention to the corrections on the game and all, but just focus on one bigger maintenance twice max a week, so the other days i can play. Im just using myself as example for the people that have not a long game journey everyday, not everyone can stay playing for 12 hours straight dude...
  4. I rather play with more bugs or spamers, because the way its going im not play at all...
  5. I simply dont get it, basically the game go under maintenance almost everyday, its far from a descent lvl of service for a MMO these days...i can count max 3/18 days sinse the launch that had no maintenance and people would enjoy the game...and the worst is that i can only play during the exact time when NCsoft loves to do the maintenance... RIP for me...
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