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  1. First one provides immunity to Frighten. Second one is the first+evolved defense (amounts to about 20% DR), third is the previous 2+evolved attack. As for what Frighten is, no clue.
  2. Also I heard a lot of foreshadowing and subtlety got lost in translation. At least that's what people who've played the other servers have told me.
  3. I sort of like the Silverfrost storyline but it's not without its faults, and half of those are rushing out a half-assed patch rather than the story itself. Too much filler (suppose it's to be expected of an MMO) Ends abruptly mid-act The voice-acting makes the Blackram Supply Chain look good by comparison The fact that Soha and the other dude's voice is a known issue means NCSoft KNOWINGLY rushed the patch with placeholder voices and expect us to be cool with it.
  4. Gameguard's redownloading itself, the problems have returned. *cricket* this game, I'm done.
  5. +1 for removing GameMon.des/GameMon64.des working. I can seeee! I CAN FIGHT!
  6. No way in hell I'm going back to Windows 10 after it damaged my GPU and left a ton of my games unplayable until I downgraded.
  7. I thought I was the only one. I don't want this game to become Tera again where having fun involves gambling for a playable framerate first.
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