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  1. Soulstone Plains pvp bosses

    First one provides immunity to Frighten. Second one is the first+evolved defense (amounts to about 20% DR), third is the previous 2+evolved attack. As for what Frighten is, no clue.
  2. [suggestion] bosses at bases

    If you're talking about Soulstone plains, you're blind. If you're talking about Misty Woods, enough NPC deaths actually does cause two minibosses to spawn. It'll at the very least serve as a distraction. Also those archers around the spawn points deal SERIOUS damage.
  3. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    Also I heard a lot of foreshadowing and subtlety got lost in translation. At least that's what people who've played the other servers have told me.
  4. Knee and Summoner's stealth

    Yeah that's what I immediately thought of as a Summoner. Also has a MUCH tighter timing window.
  5. Being able to clear it and meeting arbitrary AP requirements to get in a decent party are not the same thing.
  6. please ncsoft enable your gameguard!

    There's a 7 month old hack that can be found with 5 seconds on Google that still works to completely disable gameguard. It didn't stop shit.
  7. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    I sort of like the Silverfrost storyline but it's not without its faults, and half of those are rushing out a half-assed patch rather than the story itself. Too much filler (suppose it's to be expected of an MMO) Ends abruptly mid-act The voice-acting makes the Blackram Supply Chain look good by comparison The fact that Soha and the other dude's voice is a known issue means NCSoft KNOWINGLY rushed the patch with placeholder voices and expect us to be cool with it.
  8. Are we supposed to lose stats as we level up?

    The way I understand it the stats are calculated vs enemies your own level.
  9. What class can consistantly beat all others.

    Well-played destroyer (read: not bots) and KFM eat summoner for breakfast. Wouldn't say any matchup is especially easy for me. Still haven't quite figured out how to fight warlocks though. The usual anti-summoner/FM tricks don't really work with their ground AoE.
  10. Can't Drop Speargun vs Venomous Thrasher

    I've had it happen a few times to me, best you can do is get the thrasher to knock you down and force you to drop it.
  11. Mushin's Darkness tips & discussion

    That AoE damage boost/health drain is VITAL to beating the enrage timer. Went from losing with a good 30-40% health left to beating him with 5 seconds to spare once I figured that out. Summoner-specific tips: Keep him rooted and flanked as much as possible to minimize his iframes/ability to murder you, ensure you use your roots while he's KDed/pinned to get the shorter cooldown. Enhanced Seed Shroud the last step of his fire AoE and recall the cat to the edge so it doesn't kill itself on the middle. When he does his ice attacks, backdash, counter, and curl the cat. Don't blow cooldowns until he's done the grab thing.
  12. Woot! I opened 100 moonwater reward chests today

    It's gonna bite him in the ass when he ends up needing soulstones/the royal zen bean skill. I hate PvP too but it's pretty much necessary here.
  13. Woot! I opened 100 moonwater reward chests today

    They're 200 free beans for participating. You're screwing yourself over throwing them out.
  14. fps stutters are terrible after unchained update.

    Gameguard's redownloading itself, the problems have returned. *cricket* this game, I'm done.
  15. And I thought bots made 1v1s boring, at least you never saw this crap.