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  1. My Outfit Disappeared

    I was faction battling against my friend while in a dungeon. While I was putting the tyrian cultist uniform back into the showroom, my friend had returned the party to the lobby. When I checked again, I noticed that the uniform was gone! It wasn't in my inventory, and it wasn't in the showroom either! Could someone please fix this bug so this doesn't happen to any of my more important outfits? Thanks! Update: After getting the outfit, it said I wasn't able to put it into storage. However, when I restarted the game, it turned out that my cultist uniform was now back inside of the showroom.
  2. Turning bug

    I don't use 2 screens. When I turn left too much, the cursor eventually hits the left side wall of the screen, preventing me from turning left any more.
  3. Turning bug

    Whenever I turn to the left for too long, it causes the cursor to move slightly to the left, and causes the screen to slightly lag, when the cursor reaches the far left side of the screen, it's almost impossible to keep turning left unless you move your cursor to the middle by holding alt.
  4. What’s this to Khanda Vihar quest

    I'm experiencing this too, I can't do anything until I have completed this quest. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
  5. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    I would love it if someone could do a drawing of my character since I'm not all that good at drawing myself, thanks in advance!
  6. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    Oh man, the way you draw Lyns is awesome! I wish I could be this good at drawing!
  7. Ok, so my friend and I agreed to play some pvp once he got to level fifteen and maybe unlock his marital tome so he can get a competitive edge when fighting against my other characters, but when he decided to log on today to do so, he found out that the game was being extremely laggy, to the point that it was pretty much unplayable for him, it worked just fine when he was playing it just yesterday, but he could barely make it past the character selection screen without crashing. When he checked his FPS on his second attempt of trying to hop on the game, it was at an astonishing 0. Whatever he changed in the graphics settings wouldn't matter either as it would be at 0 no matter what he adjusted. A while back he also noticed that there were Black Spots on his toon, so I asked him if he could send me a screenshot to send to me, when he did, the game crashed immediately after the screenshot was taken. He doesn't know of anything that could've happened between the last time he played it, and when he tried playing it 15 minutes ago. The exact thing he told me was this. "Before I went to football and left for a friend's house, it was working fine, no lag or anything. Today I go to open it and suddenly it's in full screen mode and lagging like hell." Here is the picture of the bug, you can tell he set the graphics to lowest as well. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem, and is there any way to fix it? Thanks!
  8. My friend couldn't download B&S

    News update: My friend gave me the error code for the problem he's been having after spending about 30 minutes trying a bunch of different things, including redownloading the Blade & Soul launcher, and running as administrator. The code is E03001 if any of the Blade & Soul staff or anyone knowledgeable about the error codes is out there and can help my and my friend get his game up and running. If so, thank you!
  9. My friend couldn't download B&S

    News update: My friend was finally able to download the game successfully, but now there is another problem, the shortcut isn't working, when this happened, the shortcut told him to use the launcher. However, when he used the launcher, it didn't work either, telling him something about an error, is there any possible way someone could get this game up and running for my friend? I'd really like to see him play and see if he likes the game or not. Thank you!
  10. My friend couldn't download B&S

    I got this friend of mine on discord interested in wanting to play the game because I really thought it would be nice if I could get said friend to try it to see what he thinks about the game. However, when he tried downloading it today on his C Drive which has a maximum space of 232 gigabytes, it ate up almost all of his space, and didn't even let him play it in the end when it was 98% installed. Since the game is only around 30 gigabytes I thought that this was a little odd to hear because the drive had plenty of space before he tried to download it. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, and is there any way to solve it? Thanks!
  11. After the recent update, crafted toolboxes, ancient adornments, and other crafting materials required for the crafting outfits are no longer obtainable after the new update, I think this has to deal with the frozen stingers being changed into "Sacred Orbs." Does this mean the crafting outfits will no longer be obtainable forever? Or is this all just one big misunderstanding? Thank you!
  12. The option to re-watch cutscenes

    That's exactly my point. It gives youtubers free views and it's not even your character in the cutscenes. Besides, at least being able to watch all the cut-scenes in a simple menu means that they won't be watching them in the middle of a big raid boss fight,
  13. I have a good idea for the game, I think that you should be able to re-watch all of the cut-scenes somewhere in the Blade & Soul menu, think of all the benefits this has. You don't have to create a new character or account in order to watch them. You could just watch them whenever you feel like it, similar to how the cut-scenes in Elsword work. You'd also get to see your character(for the cut-scenes that your character is in) and essentially be able to watch the entire B&S story in a quite decent amount of time. This would also give Blade & Soul videos(Blade & Soul full movie/All cut-scenes) less views, other than the views from those who are either are just finding out about the game, or something like that. What do you think? I think it'd be really nice if you could watch all the cut-scenes whenever you feel like it, after the cut-scene plays, of course.
  14. I have all of the materials I will need in order to craft the crafting uniform, the only thing I'm low on are dragon certificates, I could probably at least be making 2 materials a day if I could find out how to get more than 3 dragon certificates a day. Where are all of the places I could get a dragon certificate? Much thanks, Phoenix.
  15. I am currently trying to make my way to gold so I can get soulstones easier than I would be just doing moonwater faction dailies because there's no possible way I can do the silverfrost ones without getting immediately killed. This morning, I had 1545 mmr, just 55 away from making it to gold, I then started disconnecting, getting me an immediate mmr loss. After constantly disconnecting I am now at only 1520 mmr. That doesn't account for the rest of the disconnections I've been experiencing. I have disconnected several times just trying to log in, once during trying to get to the arena lobby, and twice in the arena lobby. I just want to let everyone know that my Wi-Fi is at 4 bars almost 100% of the time, and has been at 4 bars for almost all of my disconnections. Instead of the game freezing up, my game just disconnects me on the fly, most of the time I don't even see it coming. Does anyone know how they could help me? Thank you.