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  1. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    450+ ap for very fast runs. we beat the first boss before he even charges at the wall once. we beat ido after 1 bomb. makes spamming it much more efficient. of course a group of 370+ can easily do it, but takes significantly longer for sure.
  2. Well I'm a male and I always main male characters, I have a female alt too but maybe I want to try to main a female? I'm sure as hell not going to make a new main after all the time I spent on this one. So this would be great for me that wants to try maining a female. Alts just aren't the same.
  3. Nochat & Soul

    Pretty sure he's talking about the glitch that doesn't show region and faction chat at all. Can't type or read it. Happened to me yesterday.
  4. None of the races/classes appeal to me

    Why feed the troll guys? pretty obvious bait.
  5. They finally bring recurring membership and people are mad? This is a good thing. And if you bough the 365 membership before, it's better because you got points for it. Now you don't.
  6. This is good, i'm sure they do more good than bad but the good isn't reported as often. Forums are a place to complain after all.
  7. Just laughed a bit

    Read some of this thread. What most kids don't understand is life is Pay to win. Any mmo that's somewhat known, you can go buy a shit ton of gold for from any website. Buying gold is in every single mmo. That's a fact, coin exchange is a good thing. People who buy gold can choose a safer way to do it and support the game. Premium is a joke too, 20 copper for a kill is literally nothing at end game. Shorter windstride cooldown and chi recovery by a couple seconds is also nothing. What else do people think is p2w? I can't even think of anything. So don't bring up the buying gold argument, that will never go away, trust me. And like I said premium is truly a joke. Not even worth it IMO, it's nice, bit not worth it. Also, it's not a race, this is an mmo. New players are just starting out now, it gets easier to make gold with every patch. Gave a level 21 player 2 gold and he was so hyped, he's not complaining about bieng "too far behind".
  8. About the crash issue, I have only crashed once since release. I'm not sure what the issue is for some people. I have a gtx 780ti and an Intel 4930k running Windows 10. No issues at all. Only time I lag is during blackwyrm or terrors. I do experience stutter sometimes in heavily populated areas also but nothing serious. Also about the loot system. I made 5 gold when merrypotter dropped a couple days ago. It's a win win for everyone imo.
  9. Yeah spam needs to be dealt with. But i keep hearing about people crashing, my game crashed once since I started playing and it was on the 2nd day of release. I have a basic PC build, and a decent wired connection. Don't get like 90% of these game issues I keep hearing about.
  10. My Message To The Developers

    Im on mushin and i find myself blocking a spammer every 45min to an hour (after i block a few when i log in for the day). I don't even notice it half the time. Sure, they do need to find a better fix eventually. But saying you might just quit seems a bit excessive on your end. and i doubt you block over 200 a day. I have never filled my list or went over 40 when i play the entire day.
  11. Fabrics and transmuting outfit boxes

    Then just purchase an outfit..... or buy fabric for 5 gold each and try your luck. I do agree though that its a broken system.
  12. Are you even trying NCSoft?

    Only had one crash on launch day, nothing since. I havnt personally seen any bots since I've started playiang but that is an issue. Best way would probably have GM's in game just looking for and banning botters. Maybe there's a way to make it harder to bot in general too I don't know. But just so you know, you can never completely get rid of botters or exploiters in any game. As long as there's money to be made, people will find a way to do it. Spammers are pretty much completely gone now, every few hours I see one and report him. Just a few a day. Complaints like this aren't very effective. See bots? Take a SS and send a ticket. Faster and alot more helpful.
  13. You can't. It's not a bug, he's just a dick head.
  14. I got the outfit within the first 22 boxes, RNG works both ways.