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  1. Its not that the encounter is buggy its that the server infrastructure is shit. Your getting multi spammed by abilities because the server is requeing them.
  2. Thats why I was asking. I play on a toaster at this point (AMD 7800 HD,, I7 and 12g of ram) and I don't have any framerate/disconnects issues unless theirs heavy traffic going through the router.
  3. What are you playing on that this game has issues for you performance wise?
  4. >be Junghado >have a sword chain combo >use it after, almost immediately after, I use my many blades of death can you see the red circle on the ground ability >do this consistently >kill bad players all the time with it >mfw they complain I'm too hard >tfw I ask if I'm diamond >tfw they find out they can block it Also Daskal thats very racist and problematic. You should check your NA garbo privilege.
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