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  1. Can you remove those and just make a regular keys/charms? I'm lvl 50 hm9 and my inventory is crammed with outfits, craft materials or other stuff. These hongmoon keys and charms from daily dash cannot be stacked with regular keys and charm, so they take additional space, so I just have to throw them away. Change this pls. It was the same problem when i was leveling an alt character.
  2. Yea, i fought the destro one today. Twice vs same oponent. Haven't died so fast in ages :D The strange thing was how he was dealing with my cc. I play summ, o I have plenty of it. While he was crashing me with his attacks, my cat tried to do some nice cc on him, but he just used his shield for a split second to block it and then continue to destroy me. Also all his skilled were so well chained that it looked almost godlike.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Some creepy glitch Chilling with my victims Preparing with faction to kill berserker :3 Chilling with Yunhwa in the sky A little upgrade Battle mode on! Shopping at the Zaiwei market
  4. NCSoft be like: Bots? What bots? *turns the other way* Simple solution is in-game GM, but I think that would mean they have to pay someone for it, so the idea is meh.
  5. Why No GM Box, for Ask or Report something?

    There is already a report function. Also you can send a report ticket.
  6. Put moon water refining stones in the store

    Well, that explains it :P
  7. Put moon water refining stones in the store

    How can you have not enough of those? O_O I've got over 200 and more with each day.
  8. Why is it that you can't buy items individually?

    Well, I don't want to sell items individually. Buy a bulk or don't buy at all.
  9. Unsealing Charm

    Materials for crafting unsealing charms cost more than 10s 20c.
  10. How to kill 2nd boss in naryu ?

    With damage? :o
  11. And I didn't get banned!

    Illuminati confirmed D:
  12. And I didn't get banned!

    Aww, Doowie and his bear fatsuit :3 I'm so jelly of that pirate weapon! Though I'm getting awakened pirate quite soon :3
  13. I do PvP AND PvE (OMG, you can do both????????). Why do you think I don't deserve soulstones from the arena?
  14. That frustration threads usually look like "NCSoft is the worst company ever", "It's NCSoft fault that I abuse bug at Ogong", "I got premium, so I can do whatever I want", "I got banned for using 3rd party programs, but everyone else is doing it, so it's okay, unban pls", "Got hacked, NCSoft has worst safety! What? Are you saying buying gold from bots has something to do with it? nah". So I don't think getting suspended on forums for spilling out uber nonsense and crying over everything is injust. Are you playing on NA servers? I haven't encountered bots or many afks in dungeons.