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  1. Yeah, that always happens to me. AFAIK, everyone in cross-server expects Summoners to taunt tank which is mildly annoying when they're KFMs or BMs and can tank just as well.
  2. I've never had my cat lose aggro while taunting even in 24mans. At least learn how skills work before commenting. 1) Not every summoner has points in taunt 2) Taunt lasts 8 seconds
  3. I'm gonna go ahead and be that guy. Summoners can tank. A good summoner can keep a boss from moving with a combination of roots + taunt; all the other classes have to do is go behind the boss and DPS. This can easily be sustained indefinitely. What happens when there's a non-summoner tank in party? All DPS classes will have to hold back to prevent drawing aggro unless they're all undergeared or the tank is very, very overgeared. All that said, a summoner that simply tosses taunt at a boss without thinking about their party members is an annoyance. Keep in mi
  4. Just follow the 1:1 ratio rule most games have. I'd say ss is a gray area. Most games at least have dodge bindable to a single key, but BnS doesn't AFAIK.
  5. This build allows for any basic 45 summoner to deal with Junghado reliably and allows for mistakes. Yes, you can 100% CC lock him. Yes, you can DPS him with high enough power and crit. This is simply the build I'm most comfortable with and thought others may find it useful. Can you please stop comparing you dick sizes in this topic? Posts like tjb's are good since they're actually contributing to the topic and offering alternate ways of handling Junghado. (FWIW, I didn't read Jiyuu's past the first sentence due to formatting)
  6. I'd say a good 1/3 of KFM and Destroyers use macros right now. I wish they'd add basic inhuman macro delay detection for fixed delays.
  7. Personal build I use to kill Junghado reliably. [BnSTree] Platinum's Mushin's Tower Build I tried to provide enough information for how to handle him without going overboard and explaining all the possible counters and what to do when a certain skill is on cooldown. Once you're semi-used to his moveset, the biggest issue is his sword shield AoE that gives him immunity which he immediately follows up with his crazy sword combo. You cannot taunt or CC Junghado before he starts his combo; just use Seed Shroud/stealth + taunt when his AoE ends to block the combo, remov
  8. Figure out his skill rotation, figure out what skills you can counter with and figure out the best way to rotate your skills. Try different skill builds and practice, practice, practice Just recently perfected my skill rotation and counters for Junghado as a summoner. I could have sworn I've seen a couple threads and reddit posts about FMs being able to go easy mode on Junghado if done correctly, too.
  9. You can be a couple meters away and still get hit. Just one of the many frustrating bugs (features?) of BnS
  10. NCSoft is going to delete this thread and likely ban you for 'naming and shaming', which makes no sense for these obvious hackers. Exactly what is wrong with naming them? I pretty sure it's just PR control and public image. Really funny thing is, I found the site where the hack was originally posted and it's just a simple GameGuard bypass + Cheat Engine used to modify the character's speed value. How in the flippity floppity floop is this not automatically detected? Also, to NCSoft: Several users on that forum have reported getting their accounts unbanned by contacting
  11. Nearly every other game in 3v3 had hackers today. I'm sick of the teleporters
  12. Bump. My clan leader tends to'remove 'inactives', but they have no way of knowing whether or not the player is inactive. They just go off of who they see online when they're on. Leader also complains about me/others not being active even though I'm on ~8 hours a day, just not always on when leader is. And again, leader acts like I don't contribute even though I've donated a good share of what's in clan. Again, not always when leader is on nor do I proclaim "I donated the things!" Getting kinda tired of this. Leader is nice and I like my clan mates, but when it
  13. You realize there's other classes than what you're playing and you're not supposed to have maxed gear to beat him?
  14. You have to constantly have him CC'd or you risk him using his combo. His combo will destroy your health within it's first few seconds, and if you don't cancel it, you can basically kiss your ass goodbye. He starts using his combo religiously at <30% HP. As a summoner, this is an extreme PITA. Even with my CCs specced for fastest possile cooldowns and longest possible CCs, I have to perfectly time and use everything. Did cat miss his anklebiter and now you have to use your cat's second CC, strike? Well, you likely just costed yourself 50% of your HP because now you can't maintai
  15. If Multiple Blade Sever is the combo, then yes, that needs a nerf. When Junghado gets low HP (~30%?), he starts spamming that move. Some information about the *cricket*ing move: - Does 40-50% of my HP - Can be broken using CCs - Nearly all of the damage comes from the first second or two, making CCs rather pointless - Cannot change his aggro or stop his movement using skills like summoner's Grasping Roots - AI uses the move constantly at <30% HP - There's not enough CCs on most classes to handle that amount of move usage - The repeated hits to
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