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  1. Unfortunately the items is not account bound. How I wish this game would be more alt friendly... The respawn is same as other mobs. By time you do a full circle of the field, they should have respawned. My FM with 470ap can reliably kill the Bear, Bulbari and Thrasher without dying. They dont use any high damage skills. The Grassquatch and Fire/Ice Bird might need more AP/DPS to kill it at a faster rate. The drop rate is truly abysmal. I got lucky on the Thrasher with first kill drop. Still need the Root and Honey, killed 50+ combined and still nothing.
  2. Run around in circles going pew pew? Isn't that Force Masters =P
  3. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    Nevermind 400ap for N-Labs. I ran Poh6 yesterday and there was a 400ap destroyer who died at every 2nd boss (wasn't even the tank). Clearly AP isn't a good judge of player skill. This is reflective in many other mmorpg, ie players in GW2 insist using atk/crit gears to max dps, only to get 2-3 shotted by boss because they have low HP and lack of knowledge on mechanics.
  4. Account-bound Costumes?

    What's the point of the wardrobe system if the costumes isn't accont bound? As fun as the game is, I knew it had flaws but sad news just keep piling up each day I read forums/reddit. This basically turns me off from farming/buying more costumes as it's clearly pointless if need to redo it on my alts.
  5. Can't send mail after buying 4k Ncoin

    In similar positon as OP. Even spent some Ncoin to get extra char slot. Still can't use mail from the vault, can't even mail to alternate chars. Submitted a support ticket and all they did was give me the generic reply "have to spend real money". Clearly those Ncoin on my account came from magic and not real money.