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  1. I thought anniversary and event should be something all players can enjoy, not the "be in a game, play 10 hrs a day to get your reward". NCSOFT, do you understand the meaning of event? when you are selling cash items at "discounted price" in F10, which i still think it is overpriced, is not EVENT either. please consider for people who enjoys playing BNS 1~3 hrs a day after work. this event is too Grindy.
  2. see even you acknowledge there's time need to be spent for "useless" dungeons once u gear up. Like acceptting everything what GM gives, just shows slave's mind, not even claiming user's right. you will need to understand what "ANNIVERSARY" and "EVENT" means. since they are releasing everything un-tradable, its not gonna crash market values. Also, if u are old enough to understand, when users suffer, no one is winning the game.
  3. in case u didn't realize, each dungeon (NF,TOMB,EC) takes about 15~20 min EACH, not counting, and that's not counting finding party members + TANK << so u will end up spending about more than an hour for for those, then other dungeons? like gloomdross and necro stalls time. im not even counting Asura or MAST here. after all that crap thats like already 3 and half hours spent in dungeon that u didnt even wanted to do. dude, u gotta learn how to take "construct criticism" . teenagers like u might think not complaining cool, but obviously something need to be said and u are afraid of let your voice heard to GM. ppl like u can actually kill the game when they are accepting everything GM provides, and that how MMO "LIFT" died.
  4. not only that, some character's line are completely changed from original translation. With from JP voice or KR voice , some stuff (even in main story) don't even match up with ENGLISH subtitles. NC west must have used their own office ppl for voice acting, rather than using legit voice actors, because they are TERRIBLE. I wonder what NC west actually do. translations are horrible. horrible voice acting. Bot banning is so slow and ineffective, you still see so many bots in blue dungeons and pvp arena. All they do is waiting for patch from other regions; they are not actually making new region or new quest themselves. they cannot solve the game guard issue same goes with optimization issues.
  5. Future patch notes

    ON 2012.
  6. on last "unchained" update, we have been promised new character balance patch. why don't I see any updates on this week's patch? Classes With the introduction of the Warlock, additional class and balance changes will be made in the next update.
  7. Honestly, there can't be a perfect balance, unless you are playing rock-paper-scissors. but as summoner's and warlock's complaints getting larger and larger, I want to see DEV's approach on this matter. if every class is op, this won't be a issue. but then again, we do not live in perfect world.
  8. Warlock boss fights

    use thrall to use aggro. if u put skill points on thrall, it will taunt enemy for you so he can tank.