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  1. so u didn,t get anything about the human psychology part, oh wait u did not even read it. >_>. should not put on a biased opinion on this post without even understanding what op meant.
  2. whiny dude getting killed whining in forum.. poor you * rolls eyes*...
  3. Oh Hum Since the game keep crashing after that maint I can't go check and remember , but I,ll post again the moment I can log in !!
  4. Kinclave... THAT IS SO WISE. , Thank you very much! and Morgan, Thanks for finding it! I'm sure it will help many people *o* As for the bonemask Defense, : it,s in the '' YES MAN FIGHT CLUB'' Dgn in Razorwing Ravine map! =D
  5. That would be cool, If they stop sexualizing every female costume too.... like they doN,t know what to do with boobs or someting so they jjust CUT THE MIDDLE of the clothing and holding by tiny little tryangle 'cause'' lols how clothes work over boobs dude ? _ dude I don't know, Let's make a hole and some tiny tryangle, _ Dude so wise ! '' _ Some korean ugly guy xD
  6. Oh my goodness, I did not even notice we could see drops of dgn on maps >< Thanks for the info! I just got the name, you are so right, Sentinel is in Sentinel's ruins, Raptors is in Daggerbeak Rookery! yeah Shaman's shield is a pain, I still miss 1 and can't count the number of times I did it O_O! I,ll search for these tyrian and tent , I,ll tell you back on it if I ever find it, or is someone tell me in game! Thanks so much for the info just now, I felt noob not noticing that xP.
  7. Same for me, I cannot find the Green Tyrian ! also the 2 blue one are - Sentinel's combat - Raptors Combat ( are they the one you can,t find ?) Cause I can't either o-o, even after trying all the dgn again! and yeah the Shadowmist.. can we only get 1 , once a day with the daily mission or we can do it more than once , might be noob of me here! Also Aziraya, remeber that mini boss mob NOT in a dgn on Songshu island that gave the green for the first achivement... I would not have known without someone telling me, so maybe it's a mob on map too , th
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