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  1. LOL seriously? Like anyone is gonna follow this
  2. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    @boosify Thank you! <333 And your Yun looks lovely! c:
  3. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Do et! Do et! Do et! :D
  4. What WIll Make You Return to Playing BnS?

    That too. AFKers and elitists are the bane of cross-server.
  5. What WIll Make You Return to Playing BnS?

    This. *cricket*in' this. If not a reward then a penalty for leaving party after you entered the dungeon. Don't like that lvl 45 "noob" or low AP lvl 50? Leave party in lobby or gateway but once you enter dungeon, that is your team and you live or die with your cricketing team.
  6. O_O... Well cya guys, moving to Tera!
  7. Somewhere on Hajoon server...
  8. Will soulfighter start at lvl 45?

    Great. I have to go through the Grimhorn Wilds AGAIN?
  9. How to make FM less squishy

    I swear I'm playing Mozart on my keyboard when on my FM xD
  10. How to make FM less squishy

    Ye, it's a struggle for us :/ I use a non-burn build. Still took aggro in BSH. I was the lowest lvl there too. Smh.
  11. How to make FM less squishy

    Wut?? FM was never meant to tank. Although, sometimes they have to to learn to tank because in later levels they deal so much damage that they steal aggro. The only classes considered to be true tanks are Kung Fu Master and Blade Master. So dun worry about if you can't tank as FM. That isn't your role xD Anyway, what you're experiencing is fairly common because FMs are just squishy, period. You can get around this by getting soulshields that give HP (like those from Naryu Labyrinth...but that's a lvl 45 dungeon). For now you can try these suggestions: - Add points to your Frost Fury skill. The F3, T3 branch recovers HP. - Use Divine Veil when fighting against ranged mobs. Their attacks won't hurt as much. *(F1, T4 recovers HP) - Add one point to Frost Armor to recover HP on resist. - Use your Q and E! - Get Cinderlands Valor Soulshield set for more HP (at cost of CRIT, though. Fuse CRIT soulshields to compensate) OR get your character to Tomb of Exiles and farm for the soulshields there (you'll need unsealing charms though). One important thing that helped me survive was freezing my opponent. Your RMB inflicts 1 stack of Chill. 3 stacks and your opponent is frozen for 5 seconds. Then you pewpew away and they can't do anything about it if you keep up the stacks >:D *Also prevents kiting so no accidental luring of other mobs Welp, that's all I got. Hope it helps.
  12. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    I, too, wait for a game like this. Perhaps someday! :D Well...farewell to you! Cheers! c:
  13. Has anyone gotten this email from NC?

    I think it's fake mostly because their emails address you by your display name, not the generic "customer" xD
  14. Ok well after some googling here's this: Accept "Invitation from Poharan" and complete the daily for Blackram Supply Chain at least once. This will trigger the quest "Reunion at Bloodshade Harbor", accepted at the Fishing Lodge. Then complete daily for BSH at least once. You should get the quest "Daojin's Plea" which will unlock Naryu Lab.
  15. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    But...the 24 mans aren't needed at all... I unlocked Naryu last night on my FM alt (who btw has NEVER stepped foot in either of those ghost towns) just from yolo-ing the 6M dungeons when they happened to be in daily challenge x: I would suggest to contact support in case maybe your quests glitched or something...but if you're leaving, sorry to see you go :c