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  1. I already said I'm playing in one of the least populated NA servers. Why would I be playing on the EU servers? I live in California lol
  2. I think EU servers are just not as populated as NA. I'm playing on Juwol, which is one of the least populated servers in NA right now, and I don't have any trouble doing 24s, Blackwyrm, and faction dailies. I haven't really been concerned with Arena much since I've been leveling two alts aside from my "main", but I know bots are still a huge problem. I think this game will be fine in the long-term as long as NCSoft can fix these issues ASAP. For instance, there's quite a few people who "quit" that are just taking a break from the game to wait until these problems are squared away. If NCSoft c
  3. People just have to *cricket* about the smallest things. Personally, I think the censored version looks better.
  4. Haha, true. I think most people forget that Blade and Soul was released in 2012, so the current quest system that it has wasn't so outdated back then. The only MMO that doesn't quite use the same standard as the majority (that I've played) is Guild Wars 2. It's quite different and a bit refreshing, but it still has its repetitiveness.
  5. I don't understand how Blade and Soul has "outdated" graphics or "average to bad" graphics. Its graphics seem to me to be better than WoW, GW2, Rift, Aion, TERA, Vindictus, ArcheAge, etc. I'm not totally in the loop with current/upcoming MMOS, but the only one that I've personally seen with better graphics than BnS is Black Desert.
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