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  1. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    You got the two backwards mate. A game's website will only address issues openly when it is absolutely confident in the stability of its player-base. For instance, do you see any announcements on the homepage of BnS regarding game issues or any patch-notes for that matter? No, they sweep that all under the rug and only address these issues on the forums, their livestreams, and sometimes Twitter if at all. And, of course, as you can tell from BnS forums, the player-base loves to shit on the game (not completely unwarranted to be honest).
  2. Nerf the Summoners

    Lol the people who say that a Summoner fight is 2v1 obviously don't know how Summoner works. Literally half their skills is for controlling the cat and if the Summoner is thrown in the air, they can't use the cat. Also, if the Summoner is dazed/stunned/knocked down/grabbed, they can only use the TAB, C, and Z skills of the cat which, admittedly are all CC skills, but if you're something like Destroyer, you can make them use those skills up very quickly. Even if you want to continue this " 1v2 is unfair" argument, I bet you won't be saying shit about Warlock. Quite simply, people who try to take fighting games seriously without taking match-up knowledge seriously just make a joke out of themselves.
  3. Yeah, the game hasn't crashed on me yet, but my problem is that my sub-optimal CPU is bottlenecking my GPU, so the end result isn't favorable. When trying out Grand Harvest, I literally had like 4 frames of the last boss fight and then it ended with me not knowing what *cricket* just happened >:|
  4. Nerf the Summoners

    I don't believe he's talking about the NA leaderboard but the Korean one. The lvl 50 patch was just released so NA, as a whole, still has to get to lvl 50 with the 5-10 HM lvls not to mention learn their new options against Summoners. I'm not so sure about Summoners being at the bottom, but they definitely won't be rampant at higher tier gameplay.
  5. Haven't seen someone "bump" themselves before. Anyways, you're in a interesting situation. I'm currently on Awakened Siren with infernal accs, so I'm in a similar situation but not as bad lol. The bottom line is that there isn't a "fastest, cheapest, best" method. Going through the Siren/Pirate line will still use the old mats, which may or may not decrease in price (got to consider a few economic variables with that), but the Oathbreaker line will use the new mats. The Oathbreaker line will have one less evolution than the Siren/Pirate line, HOWEVER, as mentioned before, Oathbreaker will use the new mats which, from my guess, will include the Silverfrost Transformation Stones. These WILL be much much more expensive than the MWT stones. So, Oathbreaker, at the moment, will be much more expensive to go through than the Siren/Pirate line. But that doesn't mean you can't do the new content anyways. With this patch is also many new dailies that can give MUCH more money. Granted, they're hard and you'll definitely need a party, but the money supply is larger with this patch which will make buying "legacy" materials much easier. I would say do the new content and try to level to 50. Afterwards worry about upgrading your weapon to do the dailies with everyone else (unless you have people willing to carry you for a bit). The intermediate option to all this is to upgrade to True Siren, then upgrade to True Oathbreaker in place of both Awakened Pirate and True Pirate (which might be what I'll do for my Warlock alt). I don't know what the mats are for getting to all these, but it'll worth checking them and comparing. For now, just try out the new content :)
  6. Boredom vs. Content vs. Desire

    Personally, I think Radiant Ring is also a very viable choice for gold-farming. You can make some really good money. Granted, it's practically gambling to see if you get the good gems, but there's ways to minimize your loses to ensure probable gains :) You're also talking about Merry Potters and crafting MWT stones - do you mean the Soul Wardens instead of Merry Potters?
  7. Lags are worse and worse

    I can not understand your Buddha-like calmness. There's nothing in what you said that should be re-assuring. Complaints and anger is what brings awareness. The company needs to know that their player-base is unhappy with certain things. And I mean they REALLY need to know. If it's just a few posts here and there, they may not do anything about it or just put it on their bucket-list of "things to eventually fix." And you expect these issues to be fixed "around a year from now"? No, *cricket* that. There's no reason to be complacent with those expectations. We should be THE priority right now. NCSoft has (more past-tense now) an opportunity of bringing in hundreds of thousands of new players to essentially make money off of. Right now, they're making a joke of themselves with all these issues, and there should be neither an excuse or reason for all this. Anger does a lot of favors. It's what can put things into motion as well as help us evaluate the things that are really worth our time.
  8. Korean Wardrobe

    Yeah, the problem isn't the fact that the costumes are character-bound but just the entire balance of the system. This game, like many Korean MMOs, is very aethestic-heavy. People want to look beautiful because the game allows players to make beautiful characters - thus the supply and demand of costumes. At the same time, the game has a pretty high incentive to make alts since each class offers a pretty distinctive playstyle. Some things are just much easier to do on certain classes than on others. Yet, for some reason, the NCSoft officials didn't put the two together and just decided to charge $15-20 for each costume while making them character-bound and non-transferrable. So, from how I see it, there are two things to balance/fix this. Lower the prices quite drastically to $5-10 (maybe $8-12), or make the costumes/wardrobe account-bound. If no other region has account-bound wardrobes, then I don't see why we should be an exception which leaves the lowering of the prices as the thing to hope for. However, as you said, it doesn't seem like they'll lower the prices anytime in the near future at least while they are still dozens and dozens of costumes to put on the store.
  9. Korean Wardrobe

    I'm a little sad that there are so many people that support the current costume/wardrobe system, but to each their own I guess..
  10. Korean Wardrobe

    Are you joking? Supposedly, they want NA/EU to be caught up with the current content in Korea by the end of the year. That's about 4.5 years worth of content in 1. There's nothing slow about that.
  11. Game is almost completely ruined...

    Lol are you serious? If you're multi-boxing, you don't need to name your characters "asdfdg" or "rertkjer" and such.
  12. Should i have faith?

    I'm not sure how the lvl 50 patch will solve anything unless you're expecting NCSoft to magically couple all the fixes within that one patch. Anyways, I would wait a few months. Unless they want to lose money, they'll fix these problems.
  13. How the balls did she sell her weapon lol? Don't you guys know that there's a buy-back? Haha. Anyways, this may not sound encouraging, but if the RNG is boning you in the ass - just get a key. 10 runs isn't even that much for Blackram Narrows, but if you've had enough you can just buy a Brilliant Viridian Key for like 80 HM coins or whatever.
  14. Haha, this is actually what this MMO tops over many other MMOs with. The PvP isn't weak - just bot infested.
  15. Game is almost completely ruined...

    To be fair, you're making fun of actual serious complaints that aren't "little" or should be treated as little in any way. The bots, hackers, lack in optimization that results in frequent FPS stuttering and lag, and bad support with processing too many things on the screen (such as doing Blackwyrm) are serious issues that are turning players away from the game. I've been following the game for over a year now, and I'm still hooked. I wouldn't call myself a "fan-boy" because I don't condone or try to make an excuse for the shitty practices of NCSoft. The game, by itself however, is great, and I'm just waiting for when it can actually shine through all this bullshit.