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  1. Stuck in combat

    I saw a vid that said if you step right or left it should get you out of combat stance if you're stuck. Haven't tried it.
  2. Here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/rising-waters-arrives-february-10/
  3. May want to go back and look at that again. In 2 weeks we get a couple of dungeons, Hongmoon level up to 5 and Mushin 1-7. The teaser is just things to come later.
  4. Youtube Monetization

    And FYI, just because a game is free to play, doesn't mean you have any ownership of it. Read the EULA for any game. You are not buying the game, you are buying a license or being granted free access to their product under their terms and they reserve the right to revoke said license.
  5. Youtube Monetization

    Think of cut scenes like movies. That's someone else's intellectual property. Under copyright law, you cannot profit from someone else's IP without consent. They have, however, given consent for people to create their own content, like recording yourself playing your character, where you more or less control what happens in the video. As to the history of youtube gaming, I can't speak for the multitude of policies or arrangements that have been made, but it seems pretty clear NCSoft doesn't want people profiting from their IP. tl;dr: Don't post cut scenes
  6. how delete character ?

    Holy handholding, Batman.
  7. Youtube Monetization

    Uh, because copyrights are a thing? They said you can post content YOU created (i.e. you playing the game, or making a guide, etc.). You stated you posted cut scenes and npc dialogue. You did not create those, hence you cannot profit from them.
  8. One would think a software company could locate a single programmer who is capable of changing the code from character bound to account bound. But then they wouldn't be able to put that programmer to work creating a new item to sell people so they can use the items they already purchased.
  9. A whole week to delete?

    Except hackers don't generally delete characters. They use them to farm and spam then they sell all your stuff and move on. You still have to contact customer support to get all your stuff back. It's just another micro-transaction push. 'Do you want to actually use the service you already paid for? No problem! You'll just need to purchase another character slot! Oh, and that name you paid to reserve? If you want to keep that, you're going to need to purchase a name change certificate too. But don't use that certificate on a character whose name you want to keep, 'cause the certificate locks that name for a year.' WTF? Who programs this garbage into a game?
  10. The loot system. No.

    I never said the whales and troll were one in the same. A whale outbids you for what he wants. A troll gets you to outbid yourself. I suggest watching a few episodes of Storage Wars or the like if you want to see what I mean.
  11. Do they think this is a game?

    Just like the queue says when trying to get onto Jiwan
  12. The loot system. No.

    I never complained about it, just said it encouraged gold buying for those seeking instant gratification while pugging and has lots of troll potential. But, if you join a decent clan or have a decent group you can often get things for the opening bid without any of that hassle. No loot system is perfect. Every system is going to be criticized by people who feel they're not getting a sufficient return on their time invested. And that threshold is different for everyone. Some people feel one run is enough while others don't mind farming for days. Can't please everyone.
  13. The loot system. No.

    Just make sure you stay in the same instance as the loot or you lose out on the split. More than once, after the other people stopped bidding they zoned out and I got all the cash from the winner, lol.
  14. Remove the 7-Day Delete Timer

    Found the post KatHead referred to: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/154829-extremely-shady-stuff-from-ncsoft/#comment-1531245 It seems that using the name change voucher on an existing character locks that name but not sure if that applies to a character that has been deleted without a voucher being used on it. Guess I'll find out in 5 days...
  15. Remove the 7-Day Delete Timer

    Doesn't mean it can't be adjusted. The timer for under 16 is only 5-10 mins. It's all code, it can changed if not removed.