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  1. Den of the Ancients difficulty

    Their idea of "fixing" Den is by shovelling more gear upgrades and tier so you can then do that dungeon but not until you throw them tons of cash $$$ in their predatory and manipulated RNG Boxes and Trove because let's be real they are out of ideas 2 years ago
  2. Automatic attack?

    There are high HM Level players including whales in moon refuge that are using the auto-combat there to grind petals for XP charms, a member from my clan walks around there applying for a party on them they get instant accepted and he just stays AFK there and nobody says anything so yeah auto-combat was a good idea to be implemented in the first place... great job NC
  3. Suggestion for new people in game

    They went from 13+ servers from the first year of release to 3 servers 3 years later and now to 1 don't you think that says a lot from this company? and now you ask to open another server? I mean I guess they can if you give them tons of $$$ and only get around 100 players on that server and let's say that they open a new server you still end up in F8 where it makes no difference
  4. Golden Harvest Festival Arrives November 18

    After reading the patch notes I come to the conclusion that I am quitting the game after almost 5 years of playing this game I've put up with a lot of their stupid decision in the past but it all bottled up and now everything is spilt and I am quitting this game because the current enjoyment that I am getting from this game is 0 there is absolutely nothing to do other than do daily/weekly finish quick then change to another character do daily finish quickly then switch to another and so one just so you can have enough income to keep up, there is no other content or group activity to make you want to play this game I mean sure there is PvP but that is not for everyone only for a small number of players and I am not one of them but for the more slightly above average player that wants to get something done in his progression he can't unless spending a lot of $$$ to be able to keep up but then again the current content in this game does not necessitate to have more than 2.2k to be able to do Silversteel raid but hey whales want it bursting so what do you do? you invest money in loot boxes and trove to make sure you meet the whale standards to be accepted in their ranks or play forever alone and accomplish nothing.
  5. Slacking players in F8 party

    It is because they don't want to implement vote kick for online players not just offline because reasons they don't want to say and it is stupid since you don't directly kick that person you need everyone else in the party to vote for the kick the specific player but hey when they don't care how the player base runs this is the result and it will never get resolved
  6. Just tested out the game on Geforce Now and the game runs like a joke, without the personal tweaks to make the game run smoother without them game runs like a$$ and barely got a decent 46 FPS in Zaiwai with around 5-7 Players in the area with all Settings set to 1 this proves that even Nvidia can't fix their incompetence...
  7. Say something good about BnS

    The IP to be sold to a more competent company that cares about its consumers at least one bit because these guys are not even pretending that they care they just don't.
  8. Can YOU STOP limiting "event" rewards?

    it's not silly it's like you have a well-paid job where you don't have to stress all that hard about it but you suddenly quit that job and went to another where you are paid less and have to work harder, now put that perspective as a player in the game where you were playing casual and still you were able to get stuff done and progress but all of the sudden you need to grind harder for fewer rewards, man game sure "evolved" you could say in the better?
  9. So I wake on this morning and went through the News Page on the BnS site and the first that struck me again was the limited "event" rewards and so to speak now you are limited to 1 per week... i mean what the hell is in their mind NC? you make us the players put more effort into getting a reward but the reward is less and less with each "event" you throw up from your a$$ aka copy-paste from previous years... Game is bleeding players away from the game and you are making people put more effort for less and fewer rewards with every copy-pasta "event" it makes the game not being satisfied when you put the effort into something to be fulfilled but instead you feel disappointed because of your stupid decisions of limiting rewards and it is a stupid idea in the first place because you are limited by the "event" currency anyway I mean yea it can be abusing to make alts to get more oils and other stuff but just because the effort of doing it with one character is not rewarding at all and it is not the player's fault it is for those in charge of planning the "events" are to blame for doing it so and their simple and lazy solution is to limit the reward one gets. A good event is something that you casually do on the side of your daily quests and other activities ( if the game has any) not as a full-time dedication and nothing else in between.
  10. Can YOU STOP limiting "event" rewards?

    Well, it is not rewarding in any situation where 2 years ago you could get like 2-4 oils per week with only one character where now you get 1 every 2 weeks?
  11. Can YOU STOP limiting "event" rewards?

    It's not just for the hardcore players but for the newer casual players as well, I had a lot of new players in my clan that came and go in the past few months and they all left because of 2 reasons, 1 is bad optimisation and 2 because the game does not feel rewarding unless you take out your wallet or go hardcore grinding with multiple characters
  12. Goodbye Blade and Soul

    The devs has not done anything to optimize the game for these past 4 years since launch and i don't think that will change anytime soon so you are not the only one that comes to the game and realize how bad it runs even on modern systems and moves away from it because there are belter options out there.

    Why this isn't a big surprise for me or anyone who actively play this game? i guess we all knew that top ranking players with a 0.19 sec on a 99 mil HP boss can be done in that amount of time i mean let's be serious i know people that has the same gear level as those guys and he never manage to get to that score.
  14. Again only 1 channel in Nyraka

    2FPS "event" i mean i have been there today and the FPS drops and freezes are an abomination it is unplayable, you can't leave it AFK because you die to the mobs even at high tier gear you just drop dead to the mobs there is no need for other players to turn on PVP mode, managed to get those 200 mob kill quest for the first time and i am never going to there again NC does not care about their players because if they cared they would have done something about it they chose not to.
  15. Completely useless in PVE

    This game after 4 years it still feels like an Open Beta version with the amount of optimisation issues bugs and missing a lot of open-world features it's like it barely got out of Alpha
  16. i don't play main Assasin but I got an alt with A9 with decent gear, i tried phantom and i stuck with shadow speck because phantom was too clunky and PVE rotation does not have consistency but for PVP i can see the appeal for phantom, until now I don't play PVP and I'm not a PVP player, I 'v did some PVP in the early stages of the game 4 years ago it was fun because nobody knew how to play the game but now no more because it is a joke on how it is now 1v1 is doable but 6v6 is a clown fest
  17. isn't it obvious?
  18. Wind archer instant storm bolt skill

    I tried out the same thing on my archer and yes it is an XML edit the only way to make Storm Bolt not have a cast time is by using Twin Storm
  19. Common Sense: F9 vs Trove

    Well the entire management of NC is on "69" "420" right now with those prices through the western team is trying but since KR management does not give a wooden nickel about the game anymore since their main focus is on the mobile platform so they are on full milking mode
  20. Blade and Soul Pug Community

    Being toxic in this game is more of a feature implemented in the game mechanics because everyone wants to do dungeons raids fast to move to the next one then switch character and do the same, every day because the game is so grindy and less rewarding if you stick to only one character or use your credit/debit card and yea then you can stick on only one character and do slightly less grind, the game devs made it like this so in the end being toxic in this game is normal. There is no fun in this game because of the grind if you aim for good or even decent gear and let's not talk about latest raids because as a normal player you will never see that raid unless you pay other players aka "whales" or hardcore players to carry you and buy gear from there because it is a trend to pay someone else to play the game for you.
  21. Premium Membership Revamp - i think is time

    the premium tab in storage should be account shared like any character that store something on that storage can be accessed on other character, other MMO's done it and it is not even behind a premium feature
  22. Active Players and PVP

    I'm not a PVP player but when i was PVP-ing in clan BG the whole experience was a complete disaster, in 6v6 you ether one-shot or get one shot there is no in-between and have to whale a lot or get carried in the first weeks until you get some PVP gear, 1v1 arena it's pretty much dead and i think you need to be lvl 50 to join arena? anyway, it is very unbalanced and play the newer classes or specks that are recently released. open world PVP is none existant.
  23. This is worth ~1000 Gold

    You need to gamble more so you will get the true experience of how the game is intended to be played, you either go big or go home or you could sell your home to gamble more
  24. Two legy items per dungeon...

    "Content" = Win in their vision, when you have no idea how to implement good content you smack more numbers on gear just because
  25. Point of view from a relatively new player.

    Yes NCSoft with their recent and by recent in the past few months the game changes are all over the place with no consistency but however the community is also here to blame for their toxicity and also for the management for allowing them to be like this, the main problem is that there are no active GMs playing the game to actually know how things are going in to the game like other MMO's I played where GMs where interacting with their player base through actually playing and get more insights on what the game has and what it lacks but there is none here. I like the game but hate the community and how the game is managed it saddens me.