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  1. Soo I changed to 3th speck on my main BM and whenever I use RMB FPS goes to the dogs I mean with every attack i get like 0.3 sec of mini screen freeze and drastic FPS drops and god forbid tho have more than 2 BM's in the same party dungeon that could become unplayable, combine with the new patch that made the performance even worse to play, the devs are not even bothering to make the slightest optimization when they launch a new patch?
  2. Since battleground is gear dependent and the queue for it is not based on gear but on the rank you can go naked and hope to be carried because of NCsoft allows it, i wasted my mats on pvp gear to end up carrying others so the hell with it go however you want but just don't stay AFK because that is punishable
  3. I agree and disagree here and here is why First let me put myself in a position of a new player yes i totally agree with you it ruins the fun the objective and such. Now as an old player after years of stupidly grinding on multiple characters i disagree of the nerfs because doing these daily on multiple characters is very tedious and tends to get frustrated after 2-3 runs on those multiple characters aka alts and want the rewards as fast as possible
  4. i'm in support of removing F8 lobby and adding a party finder window instead, i mean there is F7 but it is not really working that well and people are not really using it. For example if F7 was like you search for a group for a specific dungeon and when the party is full the party should automatically teleportation that instance and by that time you wait for the party to get full you still got the freedom to walk around and do something else instead of being stuck and AFK-ing in a lobby.
  5. the vote kick option that is now only for offline players require all the remaining players to actually vote not only the party leader if the option to kick online players is harmful i dont see how is that and if someone is looking to get stronger and more geared players they are doing right now before the start of the dungeons, the way i see it harmful now is the lack of vote kick online players because of the ones that join and then they just stay AFK for the rest of the dungeon and the only option for me is to simply leave the party and find/make another one which is time consuming and to s
  6. I've been playing this game for these past 3 years and i have still not seen a Vote Kick Player for those that are online, you can only vote kick offline players but for those online there isn't and i hate it that i keep finding those guys that enter in a dungeon and by the time we reach the boss they just simply going AFK, we wait for him and he still not responds after we beat the boss he starts moving exactly when the boss dies every time i find these kind of people makes me rage at them, my block list got full in a matter of days because of those kind of people, i make tickets after ticket
  7. Good guide, the first 2 bosses i like the most, but because of last boss i don't event want to hear about that dungeon let alone do it, the most frustrating and INFURIATING about that boss are unremovable debuffs and they even stack each other the thing about i hate about solo dungeons are the lack of difficulty, if they think that adding unremovable debuffs that kill you if get hit a few times then they know s**t about difficulty in solo dungeon and they keep doing that stupid stuff, first was Yungsang then Master Hong and nou at Den, even Yoharan had that spinning blade that puts you a debuf
  8. So here i was, waiting to do the new solo dungeon Den of the Ancients, passed through first 2 bosses, was quite a fun with those, struggled a bit but fun none of the less and there i was at the 3th boss, now things where heating up, i start the battle and get my but kicked hard from getting hit a few times, after several tries and deaths i was checking the debuff that it keeps stacking on me, and what do you know, it was Damage over Time bullshit again without any means of removing it, is this really the best way of increasing the difficulty NCSoft? is this really the only thing you can do? co
  9. Just why is this in the game and i can't use it as a weapon appearance? it's not like even a lvl 1 character does even use it, i really like the design of it and i really want to use it but for some reason is not usable.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZMigcU2QSHFcoprz9
  10. Well you ether whale enough to kill him before he gets to do mech or you F2P for mil years to get to that level or you can just try to do mech (good luck with that) and struggle for hours untill you give up and delete game because the pour development that remade Yungsang 2.0 and add those stacks that suck your HP like it;s nothing and you cant do nothing about it, the only thing that stopped me for even trying to do ether Hong or Yunssang are those damn stacks, those solo dungeons are dead for me.
  11. F8 should be removed entirely it is one of the most terrible systems for party finders from all games i mean why do you need to go in a lobby to enter in a dungeon? why not make F8 a pop-out windows and LFP and make a party while you are on the Map?
  12. As many of us had to go through a lot of pain to get that item and now it was rendered useless but what if they make it that you can add it as a skin like weapon skin but for the Celestial Heart?
  13. i got the sword on my main BM and yes i would like it on my BD as well
  14. Tried it for 3 days straight....no luck, nobody wants to listen only kill kill and kill, this event takes out the worst of the worst from the community it is going from toxic to cancerous toxic... i dont even have the words to express my frustration...
  15. it has been already a week past from the start of this event and before this i hated open pvp and everyone who liked it and after this one week i came to the conclusion that i do not hate it anymore, all the hate is gone now for good, but now, now i despise open pvp and all the toxic people that are doing it, this event is full of BS. It may look like i am salty but just because i am, i try to get a decent kill to get my achivement but i cant because i get jumped by 5 others i change costume same situation, what kind of a valentine event is this where you got to kill someone? whoever came with
  16. Well i just persisted today and i finally got it, now i got my full Dreadtide set so to speak it has been one an a half year of trying and i am here ^^
  17. the last post was on September 2016 now on 2018 does that costume still drops or it has been removed from the game?
  18. If the difficulty is increased at least remove the farming necessity because we are multi running dungeons not because it is easy or challenging but because of the loot by increasing the difficulty and keep the same shitty loot it will be boring and nobody will want to do it, for example me as a BM HM14 full BT gear maxed out(almost) i don't even want to touch Ebondrake Lair because for me that dungeons it somewhat difficult and the loot reward is lame
  19. I just upgraded the Awakened Mechanizer Bracelet to True Mechanizer Bracelet and this is where things get weird, the bracelet replaces my Ring instead of the existent Bracelet
  20. Punishment for their failure that's just ridiculous and stupid, they should fix their mistakes with a patch or something because banning will not stop people from doing it again that is for sure, they can ban the players who are doing it all they want but at some point they will lose interest in the game because that one little mistake
  21. So here i am enjoying the game and all when i wanted to Awaken my Hongmoon Sword and so i needed a Blight Sword, yeah no problem there, checked where it dropped, going to do some runs to drop it, everything's fine 10 runs no drop? no problem doing another 10... nothing, 30? well s***t. I dropped only Staffs, axes and Razors(Worlock)? WTF? Is there a workaround to this stupid thing? It has been 3 days since i am trying to drop that thing....
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