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  1. You need to gamble more so you will get the true experience of how the game is intended to be played, you either go big or go home or you could sell your home to gamble more
  2. "Content" = Win in their vision, when you have no idea how to implement good content you smack more numbers on gear just because
  3. Yes NCSoft with their recent and by recent in the past few months the game changes are all over the place with no consistency but however the community is also here to blame for their toxicity and also for the management for allowing them to be like this, the main problem is that there are no active GMs playing the game to actually know how things are going in to the game like other MMO's I played where GMs where interacting with their player base through actually playing and get more insights on what the game has and what it lacks but there is none here. I like the game but hate the comm
  4. Quick question before i will answer, is there any difference from doing normal daily and event dungeons? i will also answer to this question with a NO there is not a single difference you gust get that extra token no extra gold no extra XP. And i do all dailies that give a decent amount of gold + weekly runs Skybreak and VT and i get my gold from that, i have gotten more oils from just doing that than "events" because there is a joke at this point, "oh you are only allowed to take 5 sacred vials per week and everyone is ok with that" well i am not i want to gather all tokens until the las
  5. at this point, it is faster to just do normal daily get gold and buy oils from the market or farm mats to craft it yourself for cheaper this so-called "events" are a ripoff for getting sacred vials since January
  6. Faction is irrelevant on Cerulean there are a lot of people ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤-talking about random stuff and on Crimson you only see LFP/LFM WTS/WTB spams, the faction system is sticking around just to divide the community, they can just remove it at this point
  7. I did not open this trove at all since the last trove I spent over 20k in gold and over 400 keys and got nothing out of it, digital RNG is so manipulative and this is why I got trust issues with RNG apart from rolling an ordinary dice.
  8. You may have ping related problems because i got alt WL with BT acc stage 10 divinity bracelet stage 6 and A6 1.531AP with hepta gems(stoped sending gems from main to alts like that) and war song badge and sometimes in burst I go around 1.2mil and sustain around 800k, and i got other 8 alts, different classes, same gear and it kinda goes hand in hand with my wind summoner DPS wise, as for PVP i don't know that word, is non-existent for me in this game, but Hex Storm has pierce defence and parry so does Dragon Helix has you just need to read the skill... almost all the WL skills has pierce par
  9. If I can do solo WC and BC it is enough for me to see it as a win because I can't stand the pleb population in F8, that place made me from a good caring person to a very cancer one, only done like 16 runs in WC since it came out and stopped doing it because I only find parties that ask for excessive AP or "Know Mech" and still don't know mechs or capable to DPS even with their whale-like gear, I play main BM for over 3 years I know only portion the mech there because nobody wanted to explain to me what I need to do and not to i had to figure it out myself after wiping a few times but by that t
  10. This game is already became a Whale Bait to grab their money because as an F2P player is impossible to keep up with the new content unless you are a no lifer and have 10+alts and your job is to work at BnS Grind Simulator 2k19.
  11. Well now at least I know one thing, not gonna rely on this forum anymore because I'm asking for something and get a different answer from people that are still OK with this which is not and it's still and will remain stupid because I still can't get all the things I want on the last day of the event and can't stack up the token in order to do that. Hope you all have a good day.
  12. True I don't bother reading changes unless they are game changes not events related ones but still it is a stupid thing adding that limitation
  13. As I said I the guy who keeps his event token up to the last day of the event and then use them all at once but now I can't do that and I have not collected anything for these past two weeks and now I'm left with additional tokems
  14. You just told me what I already know about but what about the additional ones? That's what I'm asking since I started using the token this week because only now I have found out about the limitation...
  15. Explain me how can I get those 30+ oils since you are limited to 5 a week and I got tokens now to get like 15 more oils... now that I have to wait for next week to get another 5 more...
  16. To much of a grind that's why is Trash, I don't really mind the grind but when it gets excessive then it's not a good thing
  17. Would be nice if I didn't have to go to work but oh well, since this evemt turned out to be a a failure AGAIN!! I think I will get the Diabolical costumes on all ofy 10 characters
  18. Sure I got alts but I'm not using them to "abuse" events since I don't see what can I abuse from them since last few ones were trash in regards of sacred vials gain and what I decided to do on my alts with those events I chose to upgrade the gear on them, since January up to now all my alts are to Aransu 6 maxed BT acc and bracelets (old ones) so again what am I abusing on my play time of 3-4 hours a day?
  19. So every event I have the habit of keeping every token up to the event of the event then used them after that but now a friend of mine attracted my attention and tiled me that they have changed that, now I got extra tokens that I can't use them for what I have planned for because of this... Are they trying to kill the last remaining player base that is in a decline by placing limitations on something that is it hard to get in the first place?
  20. as an owner of the Dreadtide Sword on my main BM I do want it back because I want it on my BD as well but on the other hand, a part of me does not want it back because it ruins my "uniqueness"
  21. Get BT Acc then get them to stage 10, salvage them and your cost is reduced to almost in half, for the past 2 months or so I got 7/9 alts BT ACC to Stage 9 and 10 on some of them and divine/tiger bracelet to stage 10,all that by doing only daily challenge and events, took like 3-4 hours a day for all, depends on how many plebs you stumble upon F8 in that day, right now i can get full TT acc on 5 alts if i wanted to, but they are alts and main comes first, play the game if you want to get gear not just swipe VISA go to market and buy everything you can with gold because your calculation up the
  22. Yes I am with low-end pc on but the effects are still on if you used that, you will still see the ribbon-like effects but if you moved the files you don't see them anymore
  23. Careful there are separate files, ones are for animations and other for particle effects so you need to move the ones with the particle effects and leave the ones with the animations
  24. I didn't exactly delete them, I moved them just in case I want to do PVP because not seeing any of the particle effects puts you at a disadvantage at least when you play against ranged classes since I moved from all classes particle effect files because you don't see from where the attacks come from. Here is how it looks without the effects https://photos.app.goo.gl/8PCbrjaG5F7SppCr5
  25. I have found the solution, I deleted the upk file from CookedPC folder that contained the effects and now everything seems to works fine so far, now when I use skills I see only the swords without the particles effects and such. I don't know which the file contains the effect because I deleted all the effects from all classes just to make sure. there is a post on BnS buddy that tells you which files contains the particle effects of skills if you are interested
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