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  1. Ninja looting, the game

    Final thoughts: After making a post yesterday asking about updates on what is being done about ninja looters, I was told by the moderator Lock6 to not go off topic on somebody else's thread. And he could not give me any information besides what I had quoted. (Take note about how I'm the only one who was told not to go off topic, other people went off topic without a slap on the wrists) I made my own topic (this one you're reading) and never got a reply here, so no new information, right? Than today I read this: Somebody asked: "are you really doing something about ninja looters?" reply from lock6 Hi, Yes we are, unfortunately I can't share details yet but we are making progress. It seems a bit odd to me, that yesterday the moderator knew nothing new, there was nothing he could tell me. And today I read these shady promises in somebody else's thread. Why is it shady? Think about it, if you are working on a way to fix it, wouldn't you give us the updates you promised 2 weeks ago? Wouldn't you scream it as loud as you could to reassure the people waiting for the fix and scare off people doing it? Is your way of dealing with ninjas so revolutionary you need to keep it under lock and key? I don't think these responses have been honest. From trying to silence me to ignoring me while making new claims towards other people. To me it just seems like you added another copy paste reply so soothe people without having to say anything of substance. I've had more than enough of those, I'm out.
  2. changing loot system mid fight,wtf?

    @Lock6 Really? I said I wasn't going to post anymore but you disgust me to the point that I have to. Yesterday I asked you about this, you said there was no new info to give and acted passive aggressive towards me. Source: And now you CAN say that you are working on it? As in, something is being done about these people? Are you making this up on the spot, did you not feel like answering me or what's your problem?
  3. Ninja looting, the game

    I see there's no new information on this topic as nothing is being said. 2 weeks and you guys still can't say whether or not anything will even be done about this. Meanwhile, the problem only grows because people know they aren't being punished. Each day that goes by without you guys saying you're going to crack down on this sort of behaviour more people become ninjas. In time, anyone with a bit of sense will give up on the dungeon finder as it's filled with ninjas and afk'ers, making it useless. This is my last post on this forum, if you guys don't listen, I won't waste my time asking. Game is already uninstalled, I'm done with you.
  4. Hacker in game ? Look This

    Hi, Please respect your fellow forum users and stay on topic.
  5. Ninja looting, the game

    Please read my post on the second page of this thread. It's simple really: after promising to look at what could be done against ninja looters 2 weeks ago, updates are yet to follow. Does anyone have any news about this? Or are you just going to keep deleting name&shame threads without adressing the real issue?
  6. Hacker in game ? Look This

    @Lock6 @Rukkirii If I get no reply to these questions, I'm going to assume nothing has been done and nothing is going to be done about this. If anyone has some info I missed, feel free to correct me.
  7. Hacker in game ? Look This

    What about ninja looters? We're not allowed to warn other players about who's a ninja and you guys have said nothing besides "We'll look into it". You've known about this issue for a couple of weeks now and i have yet to see some news about how devs are planning on dealing with this. Quote from this topic Greetings everyone, We've forwarded the feedback regarding changing the loot type as a maliciously act towards other party members to the development team and they are looking into ways to address this behavior. We'll be sure to provide any updates whether the team has any plans on implementing measures against this behavior. To those who encounter this behavior, we highly encourage reporting these players to the support team in the meantime, and they will be able to investigate these players further. So are you going to disclose any of these updates soon?
  8. Ncsoft's "security" system

    Just keep posting mate, gotta get that count up! Almost 1000, congrats, do you display this much knowledge in all your posts?!
  9. Ncsoft's "security" system

    Well thanks for sharing, your post has been very constructive and insightful to this discussion.
  10. Ncsoft's "security" system

    So you read this -quoting OP "don t be like us and believe the pin code actually protects you. It's just for looks, and to make you click like a dumbass at the game startup, thinking this somehow protects you. IT DOES NOT. Set up the authentificator in advance before some hacker gets trough ncsoft dumb security policy." And you thought, I'm going to preach about the 2 step authenticator to this guy, he must know! Seriously, try to comprehend the issue before posting.
  11. Ncsoft's "security" system

    I agree, you should know better than to play a game published by ncsoft. /s they can change your pin code without a simple mail verification. The pin code which is supposed to be a protection against keyloggers can be changed if the hacker gets your password via a key logger. Very clever, ncsoft. And the fail doesn t stop here. The hacker can also set up the 2 step authentificator via the website WITHOUT a mail verification.
  12. Epic shitpost, would read again. My favorite part was when op made fun of how p2w this game already is and people chimed in "No that would be p2w!", hilarious! 8/8
  13. Ncsoft's "security" system

    1. Shady link on the forums. 2. Downloading addons from unofficial websites. 3. Sharing your computer with somebody (it might even be a friend doing this, who knows?) 4. Phishing All options that have nothing to do with buying gold or doing anything illegal by op. Now can we stop the witch hunt?
  14. Ncsoft's "security" system

    This community is so... BnS does nothing to protect your account, everybody blames you. Also, I'm sure there are other ways of getting keyloggers than buying gold so how about we stop making wild accusations? @OP: Run, never look back, the game isn't worth putting up with these kinds of people and Ncsoft does not care.
  15. How many times are you going to change your argument? "Hackers are in every game" "3 hackers don't ruin your game" "Give it time, they're fixing it (maybe?)" Formulate your opinion before posting them. And if you want them to fix something you must complain, judging by the amount of community manager replies, you need to complain a lot. It doesn't matter how powerful your pc is, the other guy i qouted here has some of the best parts out there and still has slideshow fps, that is not ok. Everybody can solo it? didn't you just say it was stealth assassins? Like... seriously? I'm out! Think what you want.