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  1. Message for All !

    Today it happened again, but w/e, i got sick of this. So i was applying for COLD STORAGE, got 6 people we went in and you know there are 2 loading screens before you enter the dungeon, right? So what happened can you guess? Ofc you can cos i think it happened to everyone at some points, they killed the first boss before we even entered the dungeon and we didn't complete the quest for the daily there and it was a daily for daily challenge, cos why not " oh I don't care about others lets kill boss, we applied for a party but lets not wait for everyone to be here". STOP APPLING for party if your gonna kill the QUEST BOSS before everyone is there, if your so HIGH and MIGHTY GO SOLO the dungeon and you don't have to wait for everyone to be there, is one thing to kill the bosses that are not part of the daily dungeon quest and another thing to kill the main objective of the dungeons quest. I am really sorry that you had to wait 1 min for me to get inside and we don't all have resets for that dungeon, some of us actually use them, we don't keep them just in case someone dose something like this. And this applies for all dungeons. GO SOLO if you don't wanna wait. That's all I had to say, now come with the hate, cos I know its gonna come.
  2. Raven Effect Incorect ! !

    There is a problem with Raven axe effect on stage 6 7 and 8, it says it gives earth attack bonus on a shadow skill, that's not possible in any way ! Raven stage 6
  3. Failed to connect to server

    just came from work, been waiting all day to play and now this -.-