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  1. Hello, so i have stopped playing for long time (can't remember which patch was my last one) anyway, guys i need help to know what to do now.. i assume i need to reach max level if changes has happened, ok, so i logged in my level is 55 assassin HM 17 with 1251 AP (Currently using Serpent Skill Build) Raven Dagger Stage 9 Destiny Ring Stage 3 Destiny Earring Stage 3 Destiny Necklace Stage 3 Tiger Bracelet Stage 6 Eternity Belt Stage 4 Hallow Gloves Awakened Ascending Soul Courage S
  2. seems right... now since you posted this topic you passed the experiment
  3. same here... being able to change from tank to dps in one character is a good idea... i dont know why but this remind me of FFXIV... xD also Revamped Controls sound promising.. i wanna try something new after all.. for Class Balance, i would prefer if they increase the length of Stealth Assassins, or stand alone skill to stealth for a bit longer than 12 Sec and if you use skill it will be disabled...
  4. i don't think there will be any issue playing NA from japan, because when you log in it will ask for a code sent to your email to confirm you are the one who is logging into the account.. other than that if you wanna be in the safe side and confirm if any issue might occur to the account because it has been logged in from outside of NA region, i would highly recommend send ticket to support team to confirm that you will not be blocked or face any account difficulty in the future... Use the support link at the top of the page
  5. as he said... and to make it more clear, the red lines are the Area of Effect in Blade and soul most of the time it's a big red circle it mostly depend on which boss you fight... some of them have the AOE shows behind the boss it can comes in different form - Cover straight lines like first image - Cover front of the boss like the second image - Cover a big area as circle like the third image - Some bosses do Back AOE - Some AOE can't be evade with jump or no place to run out of
  6. i am planing to buy the boxes.. any recommendation if i go with more than 150 box? since i wanna get the new 2x limited outfits from store and the outfits from the boxes
  7. sound weird.. just give it a bit longer as xInikox said.... or try to submit ticket from support page at the top of the forums just always make sure you access payment page from the main website and not using a link sent to you by someone...
  8. i did play with some who leave directly after we finish so i pick up almost everything... but i also encounter player who will bid when you do...
  9. for me it's within few min.... check your " My Account " apply code or purchase history to confirm your purchase if it's there or not..
  10. what i hate the most is when outfit is limited to certain time... e.g. 1 oct to 23 oct... it's better to keep it a full month, and add new outfit every 15 days.. the outfit that sells the most should stay in store for a bit longer before removing it ----------------- Edit:< or make NPC that sells outfits that no longer in store... i wont mind 10 ~ 15 Fabric and 100 G xD
  11. i thought the same for "wardrobe account wide" if you think about it one event "in the past" gives you many swimsuits for different race, which is waste of NCoin because you have to pay to transfer it to second character... so if we have wardrobe account wide we can store all outfits regarding of class/race to make things easy for premium players who purchase premium membership for 90 days or in my case i did purchase the 1 year membership... and grinding same outfits is time consuming for each character... ------------- Edit:< i know that using delivery
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