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  1. =Some assassin killed our entire team in less than a minute. He was using some secret hongmoon technique with anvil animations and sounds. You know, the animation you see and hear when repairing your weapon? Where do i get this technique?
  2. Why does this happen? I start the game up and login. Go to f9 arena immediately and the game will run at 60 fps for the first 2 matches. After 5 matches my frames drop to literally 20. Im playing on 8gb of ram which is enough. Look, i droped to 19 fps. In the lobby....Where theres nothing going on.... http://i.imgur.com/TUVh5S9.png
  3. Once you get in a match, go to the bulletin board by the NPCs in there.
  4. Tiger strike with range and healing with searing blow is the best dps you can get. Also gives you some leverage in AOE pvp. For that though you will need a soulshield set with lots of evasion. I think they nerfed animation canceling on kfm but other classes werent hit as hard by it. They need to buff KFM in Aggro and tanking because there is always a HUGE gap between Ap on KFMs and everyone else. KFM cant even tank because everyone else outDPSs KFM in PVE by a SIGNIFICANT margin. Everyone other class spam skills within milliseconds while KFM is only pumping small 2/lmb hits
  5. Yea sure, lets add another class and make the weapon chest unlock RNG even more retarted...
  6. And where could one see all the "Pretty stuff unreleased"?
  7. I opened exactly 130 boxes and got it. Its probably around 4% or 6% drop rate.
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