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  1. 30 Second CC Is WAY Too Long In PvP

    one time a summoner insulted me because he was diamond and me only gold in 1 vs 1 , because in tag team i dared ask how could he lose so fast against his opponent . Make me laugh than the summ dare take people from high even though they have the easiest class , bm is far mre hard to play . Do you know than sleep status in gone when you take damage , don't worry about this . The worst is after the status when the stunlock begin . COnsiders this status like a normal stun or daze , you can escape this with your only normal escape or not . Class who have the right to complain are bm , wl, because if they are caught they die . with your dandelion , your petal storm and your doom and bloom you are not the most squishy to kill . Go 2100 + with one of this class before talk and after come back complain .
  2. You know i cleared yeti six man with 4 profane and we still had 1 minute left , so i can understand than ap mean faster kill but still the obsession *cricket* me off because some new ppl who come in game doesn't understand the hate toward them . After yeah , normally ppl with 500 + are supposedly have experience but beside yeti and yura AOE you don't need so much experience for clean the heroic dungeon , lair of the frozen fan is almost full dps and yura too , For yeti ppl are here too obsessed with dps and mess up the rotation in the cold phase , a thing who is born from ap obsession from player i woudl think
  3. Who are your favorite characters in B&S?

    Yunma kan is the talus emperor not the brother of yunma fei , he is her father . I heard the NPC in misty yell so much " for yunma kan " when i do my daily . So for the character than i like , i like all the funny character like : - the three sages all fun in their way , principaly the drunkard . -ae mujin , the grandfather who like WWE - the son of dokun and his friends . -old man cho and leerok . - the two leader of the factions , who go around like two best friends , even though their faction are still trying to kill each other . -Iksanun , who was funny in his own way and had a way to live very special but he was probably the more realist character in his own way . After i like character like junghado , yun chun , dochun for the same reason than everybody else . Strangely i feel sad for jinsoyun and lusung who hadn't a great life because of dick like yonkai or mushin , who murdered their family . And i hate master hong and soha , you will find this strange but their stupid talk about hongmoon way pisse me off , what bad about killing stupid fatass crazy for power like yonkai . Principaly when the both are not clean , i find them stupid . Hong who didn't think for one second than somebody with darkness like lusung could poison him or than someone who lived for some years in the dark realm where they are only strong dark chi could become corrupted and come back like a flower suddenly , and he is supposed to be a master lol.
  4. This class is a joke.

    warlock the only class where everybody faceroll you , you are stun or grabbed you will take a combo in the face the reason you have no escape quell can stop some skill but i think this skill is nothing like bm parry or bd spin or destro spin is weak ine pve it's not a bad class i can't complain but in pvp
  5. Force masters

    i don't understand why but my quel doesn't block all the frontal skill. how can you deal with fm if you can't defend yourself
  6. it's strange normally you need to have poharan invitation and finsih the 6 man dungeon and the quest one time after this you unlock the quest for bloodshade . are you sure it's not your friend fault because if one player doesn't have the pre requisite you can't enter the dungeon .
  7. What is this game? :O

    lyn on 4 s and lyn riding turtle are so cool . So sad we can't do this .
  8. Is Warlock unplayable in PVP before Level 45?

    razorwing too but it's very poor , all your skill heal so little . The most problematic is you have only one escape and that quell can't stop AOE so normally in pvp all class wipe floor with your face. because all player with use this first for let you burn your escape and if not you will die , don"t count too much on sanctum , it protect of some status but all class than can grab or pull will do this . because of the little area of effect . Your CC have a CD too long , you can't use this for protect you . You can tr to hide i the thrall but it's not the best strategy , and thrall except some skill like time distortion is useless in pvp
  9. Strats vs Warlock

    i have bd and warlock both llvl 45 hm 1 so i will say you . the orange circle stop you to stun daze and knockdown the warlock if he is inside him so don't use your charge skill (depends on the spec) the thrall is stupid he only pull you for the first 4 second and sometime people do than the thrall stun for 2 second (not use for me personnally) the thrall don't protect but he is big , so maybe you target the thrall and not the warlock . He has a skill time distortion who reset CD and we have askill who recover 5 % HP and protect su for 5 second (maybe differetn with the spec) if you see much paper turn in circle this is the def skill he block is spammable and if you spec in the good you reduce cd to 1 for 2 block use . but he can"t stop AOE F is leech recover all focus and cd dragon call and razorwinf or it's the rupture but he does'nt give any resistance warlock has no escape bd normally faceroll warlock , only one like for summ but nobody to save us (i regret the cat) abuse phantom grip and normally you win
  10. Server under maintenance

    ncsoft dark programmation finnally killed hajoon . i don't want to rollback i will lose my lvl
  11. How do chests work?

    RNG is absolute , sometime lucky sometime very unlucky . Some say then unequip your weapon help .
  12. (Spoiler) Namsoyoo is a wanker.

    i think she must be a sacrifice for this strange ceremony than yura and jinsoyoo did ,, It's what i understand by reading the quest and the story line By emperor i wanted to mean the emperor who did the first ceremony , i don't know if this is the same family than talus or stratus .
  13. Bots? I can't see any in game

    near profane jianghshi it's the same bot army . but you will have problem for post name
  14. (Spoiler) Namsoyoo is a wanker.

    even though i didn't play at the asian version i think i know it's true identity . Must be a heir of the stratus emperor and act like a bi*** because of this
  15. Warlock dropping weapons very difficult

    me sometime first try sometime more than 20 try Surprisingly i drop profane on the first try It's Rng , you can only pray , and try to buy what can be buy . like blue weapon