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  1. Where excatly is this explained in the game? If there's no explanation that the player (customer) can clearly see. Everything i wrote about the puches applies to the transmutation screen. Still the same.
  2. Nope, that's not his fault, other boxes in the game tell you exactly what you get. In this case the failure is hidden and can be interpreted as a scam attempt. In a RL court you'd lose. And can we all stop with that "search the wiki" nonsense. A good game should provide the info ingame, not outside of it.
  3. If it is intended (which would be horrible because you can't salvage outfits that drop from enemies in the game, only ca$h items) it's still a fault in the game. The Tooltip reads as follows: Outfit Pouch: Ascending Cloud Uniform (%) Iron Will (%) Moonlight (%) Red Dwarf (%) High Quality Outfit Pouch: Highborn (%) Dark Scholar (%) Fragrance of Life (%) Star Candy (%) So, in this scenario you should get either ingame gold back from the number of Pouches resulted in High Quality Fabrics (Which they should be able to
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