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  1. Nice one NCsolf just reduce all the tradeable material in the game. In fact, just remove them it not like we need the tradeable material to craft Premium Transformation Stone, Transformation Stone or Empyrean Spirit Stone noooooooooo not at all. Thanks, NCsolf
  2. Dear BnS It is my understanding that you have 100% intend to complicate a simple inbox system so much that people have spent hours just trying to get their items. Bravo.
  3. I fail to believe its the same if that the case then explain to me the same raid group that been doing a 1-3 can only clear floor 1 now and my acc on the boss has drop from 85% to 74%. What a load of BS.
  4. So with the update I'm been running EC and I know how to party stealth "correctly" but sense the update I can't do it. Also when I check the skill tree it no longer say stealth party is their some thing I'm missing? What happen to my stealth D:
  5. I complete the story up to the same point as my main but I do not have the skill set. It keeps saying "most have completed unknown" does anyone know how to complete this?
  6. Lately I been seeing this problem and it kind of been cause by the resent updates. I notice that a lot of the new player are in such a rush to reach Lv50, but none even no how to use there classes and have 250AP. When ask most of the players say that their nothing to do, no one running the lower level dungeon, and theirs no longer any upgrade-able item. This is also why I can't make any new character because their nothing to do until Lv45. On top of that a lot of the audio is missing or not their at all from NPC like the Earthseer Bak Gaha in Jadestone village or Dohua from Hogshead Pastures.
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