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  1. Shop discount, market slots, wardrobe, reduced fees. Queue priority is hardly ever a selling point to me these days for that exact reason, incredibly short term "perk"
  2. Failing to see how unsubbing would prove to me that I am wasting my money? In the end, the amount of entertainment and time spent will make the monthly sub, undoubtedly, not be a waste in my eyes.
  3. Waste? I end up ordering one less tea or beer a week and hot damn, I have money to spend on a game that brings entertainment and I have a bunch of friends playing that we can just sit back and have good times; meanwhile I don't have to stress out about having to manage my costumes. I'm willing to bet that people will make it work, as they have in almost any other game.
  4. More than likely it'll be a mix of subs + cash shop purchases from premos and f2p that hold the game over since that's the trend in every F2P MMO with a sub. I hope you "figure out" how to manage your inventory :)
  5. Good point lol @ZigZack you, them, anyone that says I won't give this POS company any money. There.
  6. Then I don't see why NCSoft would cater to him?
  7. Stop acting like a child and maybe you won't be called out.
  8. But you're still playing? If you're so against NCSoft and BnS NA game decisions, why are you playing still? Would I honestly care if Wardrobe became free? No, it'd be an awesome move, but do I honestly believe NCSoft would take one of the best sub features and make it free? Nope. I do not. And there's plenty of reasons, just none that fit into your narrow-minded view. Please, learn to read.
  9. What you call white knighting, others call common sense / reality / business practices; but yeah cute, anyone that disagrees is a high horse premo white knight. SMH. And you wonder why people deduce your cries as nothing but whining. /thread
  10. NCSoft is a company that wants to make money, the only reason they brought B&S over is because there was clearly a market for it here. I suggested alternative ideas too and stated why I doubt wardrobe would go F2P. How am I being a high-horsed premo? Because I gave suggestions to what you can do in the interim and you respond with "not giving my money until I get what I want?"
  11. Then you can clear out inventory space by getting rid of things that aren't truly needed or make a bank mule.
  12. Because translation, re-writing code, westernizing game mechanics, purchasing & maintaining servers, hiring support, and there's probably a plethora of other things I missed/aren't aware about, come so easily without $$$
  13. You do know that you can purchase costumes with the in-game shop currency and not use real money?
  14. I doubt NCSoft will open Wardrobe to F2P players, it's too good of a feature / one of the best selling points of Premium. Also it's like what, $12-15 a month? That's not so expensive given everything else Premium comes with. Those "21 benefits", of them, maybe 4-5 of them are substantial. A good chunk of them are fluff. Also it's not P2W just because you have to juggle inventory. No one is saying you have to keep the non-mandatory costumes and notevery costume piece is a favorite / going to wear this later / can't be farmed again. If your argument is: "this is P2W", you
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