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  1. New and infatuated

    I'm gorwn up adult which has been playing mmos 12 years of his life and I'm not here to troll or "fanboy" anything. I'm stating obvious stuff which is happening NOW as I alt-tab back into the game. I dare you to make char on Greenhollow and level until Everdusk, these folks are: - not wearing hongmoon uniforms (we appear to have 3 lvl 40+ ppl here ganking opposing faction members) - moving around, talking with each other - got equiped mostly that starting black-red quest reward uniform - completing daily stalker prize wheel quest (at least 5-6 people there non-stop, for 2 consecutive days) I have no intentions of discussing this any further. Just make a character and check for yourself. Now I'm actually glad I picked Greenhollow, because from what I see, other realms are having population issues while here I can't walk 10 seconds without meeting someone (at least in zones I've been so far)
  2. New and infatuated

    I'm logged in right now in Greenhollow, trying to find certain music on from game on youtube. Wanna screenshot of Foshi Pyres? At least 20 people here. (players, not bots... NOT bots) And 20 people for first/second lowbie zone is alot... go check out few "bigger" mmos in newb zones... ghost-towns. Why do you think I lie? Any use of lying about such stuff?
  3. GW2 has amazing soundtrack, ESO has amazing soundtrack... but BnS has, hands down, best soundtrack for an MMORPG my ears ever heard. However, there is one particular piece I can't find anywhere on internet and I hope community can help me out track it down. It's a song that plays in Everdusk but it's not Everdusk theme from OST. It starts playing when you move north from Foshi Pyres to the part of map where it actually writes Everdusk. It only plays in that small area of map. Anyone knows which song is that? Thanks in advance!
  4. New and infatuated

    @Riepah I've been playing mmos over 12 years and I can spot a difference between a bot and player :) Greenhollow is full of players in lowbie areas. I'm not talking bullshit.
  5. Add a story and suggestion forum?

    While certainly having some great features, this forum is screaming "unfinished product" loud. - no avatars - "you can't edit this profile" error, even tho i'm editing my own - buggy login - missing vital sections, therefore cluttering General section with stuff which doesn't belong there. Sad part is, it's same exact issues I asked about year ago. What are these guys paid for? For doing... nothing?
  6. New and infatuated

    Wanna see dead game, go play Wildstar and Rift (games i'm coming from) BnS is literally swarming with players everywhere you look in lowbie zones. I assume it's pretty much the same at level cap. I'm not leveling alone, unlike in many maaaany other new mmos.
  7. ... play this game without any crashes. Now that I can actually enjoy the game without having to crash every 15 minutes I'd like to share my first impressions. (thanks NCSoft for getting rid of that annoying problem. I run BnS on same system as before, so problem wasn't on my end obviously and you have taken care of it) 1. Game is still doing good in terms of population. Leveling zones are packed with people, at least on Greenhollow. 2. I just love the responsiveness of combat. Not a millisecond of delay. Awesome! 3. Story has my full attention and I can't remember last time I was so eager to complete story quests. Being questing freak, I even complete all side quests in areas. Questing doesn't ask me to kill 15-20-25 mobs, instead it asks me to kill 3 to 5 mobs and awards great chunk of xp. That makes leveling fluent and less grindy. Huge +1 there! 4. Graphics are great. For 2012 game it looks just as good as some new tittles. 5. Instanced areas, yet not that small like in Echo of Soul for example. It helps game run even on lower end machines while maintaining somewhat decent looks in terms of visual appearance. 6. UI could use some fine touch. Especially the HP & action bars. It looks like it doesn't belong there and someone just left it there by accident and pressed "save" button. 7. After all this time gold spammers are still here, which is frustrating. I hate having to ignore and report spammers every 30 minutes. That is something which should have been dealt with a lot sooner. There is simply no excuse why it isn't done. There are no spammers in Wildstar and that game is published by same company as BnS. Why does BnS still have spammers and Wildstar don't ? 8. After initial disappointment in pvp system, I actually started to like it. Feeling like some ganking/owning put uniform on and rock hard. Had a bad day? Just want to cruise and quest a bit or farm some stuff? Take of faction uniform and let your mind loose. Great idea. Takes some time to get used on to, if you are coming from vanilla wow private servers or ArcheAge, but overall neat system. My level 1 -- > level 10 experience is 8.5 / 10. 1.5 points less cuz of less intuitive UI and constant distraction and chat window cluttering by gold selling spam. Of course I still have a lot to see and learn about the game. This "rating" is just pure first impression and we all know that good first impression means big time in gaming. I left some games after not being able to drag myself trough 2h of gameplay. That's not a case here, especially for amazing story which really drives me go on. Last time I felt like this about game's scenario was in Final Fantasy 8. You have no idea how glad I am to finally play a game with some quality story. Cheers folks, thanks for reading.
  8. Forum login

    Good... well.... "bad to hear" that I'm not the only one. Hoping that annoyance will be off soon. Thanks for reply Rukkirii.
  9. Forum login

    Why do I have to log in 3 (sometimes even more) times just to actually log in ? I remember having same issue when BnS just launched.
  10. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Another loading - another crash Amazing job NC... /clap /clap Spammers, broken whispers, broken loadings, broken launcher, broken login server to forum... woah man... does anything here work? Off to play some snooker, fk this shit here. Just not worth it.
  11. I don't have razer software nor i'm planning to get it. Game isn't ment to be ran like that. What NCsoft needs to do is to FIX their product. I literally just logged in 3 times into forum to be able to post this now as I got stuck in loop screen after entering my pin. It's just getting worse day after day... EDIT - now I entered that cave even without having a fking loading screen... something is seriously fkd up in here
  12. Can i get ONE HOUR of gamplay without disconnecting ? ONE HOUR ? Is that too much to ask? Again... I tried to enter Cave of Mastery - crash. Thanks for this epic experience NCsoft.
  13. Getting tired of it

    This. If I actually went back to game I bet I'd be lvl cap by now... Atm I'm fkn 16lvl. Loading - crash Loading - crash Visit forum - login - failed - loggin again - again - again - finaly logged in. Read about same complaints all the time Press my snooker bookmark Beat some random player who thinks snooker is 8ball game. Eat - *cricket* - sleep. Thats pretty much it for me. At least dc.ing is getting me laid :P Game is too good for me to just logout before dawn :P
  14. and here I come again to a place where I should not spend my free time... Entering Viridan Coast - loading - CRASH... Thanks NC :P thanks... EDIT: just exited dungeon - crash
  15. It's not hard to like the game as this one. Great graphics, amazing story which doesn't involve some DRAGONS or MYTHICAL creatures as antagonists (for a change), great combat too... But NCSoft... meh... I really hope they live up to this challenge as this game won't be some side-show mmo. This game will go big if they are able to make it function well.