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  1. From this side, that there is no better soul badge and possible future combination, you're right, that it's best choice for frost build.
  2. Hmm, thx. for clarification. It looks like Magnum is not very useful in frost build.
  3. Hi. How long lasts bonus for glacial beam? Because it lasts 6 seconds, not 15 seconds as written in description.
  4. Foster

    PVE SS

    With 760 AP it will be problem find party to NS. Try full MSP shield - farming MSP - you will get 5 pieces. 6,7,8 farm in Celestial Basin. Good alternative is also as mentioned Zedonia 5MSP+3Xanos. But for me is bonus 70% incr. dmg for Dual Dragons better.
  5. For Ice build I'm using: Soul Badge: Blue - Magnum Soul badge - 6 sec 300% additional attack power - for me 891AP - 35K crit dmg, with no Mangnum effect - 25K crit. dmg. Mystic Soul Badge: Red - Revelation Mystic Badge - decrease CD on Cold Snap by 8 sec on DualDragons I'm not using geen - Blue Moon Soul Badge (decrease CD on Cold Snap by 7 sec on Snowball), because Snowball has 36 sec. CD. Better is Revelation Mystic Badge because of lower CD on Dual Dragons.
  6. blue, red and green.
  7. Any advice should help us. I think I'm the one who are spamming 1, and waiting for luck.
  8. Yes. Jaesung is world master in BnS in PvP. He is proffesional player, so he plays PvP a lot.
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