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  1. Less than 100 ping. Yes, coming from playing EVERYTHING with 250, 100 is amazing.
  2. Now that i've caught your attention, where do I get this? I think it's a beginner outfit in other versions? http://prntscr.com/a31pvd
  3. Thanks to everyone, my FM is now top 100 in 1v1 arena! :DDD Cheers xoxo.
  4. Where did you find this other than logging into the KR/CH version of the game? :( I want to preview some nice Lyn costumes too T.T
  5. Dear people who participate in cross-server dungeons, Point number 1: When someone doesn't move for 5 seconds, it does NOT mean they are AFK. It could be because they are lagging or waiting for stabilization so the game doesn't crash. I'm sick of plebs raging and insulting these so called 'AFKers' 5-10 seconds into the dungeon run. Have some patience and respect. Point number 2: When someone doesn't have maxed true profane/siren, that DOES NOT mean they are a noob and the WHOLE party experience is "ruined". Likewise, you are NOT entitled to call them "trash" and reques
  6. Sorry went off topic. Old man cho is mostly even. Crimson is more popular but I'll say it's 60-40 to crimsons. CO is just not very coordinated but we get blackworm done time to time
  7. I just checked. That's only head start players. Don't quote me on that through
  8. That doesn't look right. I saw some other statistics a while ago saying each servers had a login cap of 7000 players - all of which were filled. I'm confused now
  9. Wow very informative and cool video. The LoL example is pretty spot on. I spent a shit ton on that game but never once regretted it .. unlike some OTHER game *cough* Paying for a costume that cannot be transferred *LOL* even Aeria, the king of greed allow you to transfer across all chars.. While I'm at it, I REFUSE to BUY an item that will let me transfer my costumes. That is just absurd.
  10. Anyone have a staff or bangle ? Waaa it looks pretty nice
  11. I get 250 ping outside arena haha... and about 300 inside :D
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