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  1. Go to Old Man Cho, it's actually pretty balanced. Like crimson 60% CO 40%
  2. 1. It won't die in 1 year. 2. Support is very helpful. Maybe just not to you. I've sent in 5 tickets and all were resolved within 1-2 days.
  3. My guess would be the horrendous start and bugs lol. Bad translations also.
  4. My level 10 took like 5 min ... or was it level 5. Somewhere there
  5. I'm from Brisbane too! I tried it today, got about 188 ping. Used to be getting 220-400. But it was very spiky. Btw what issues?
  6. How do you check your ping? I don't think it's working.. help please. the game got laggier after I used it -.- On WTFast it said i got an 8% improvement from 220 - 180 ~
  7. Can confirm they work, the bonus didnt work though
  8. I've been looking for that too! What is it?
  9. It's all subjective. Don't change the character, change your perception of it. Bye.
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