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  1. Like the title, can u guys upload the new character photo or ur own picture in ur information interface? Why it always show me "failed to upload the picture?" Is it the problem of my internet?
  2. Question about lvl 50 faction quests

    During the weekend, there are some special quests. first is in silverfrost mountain, there is a quest in soulstone plains. it will give u some stuff ( maybe can be exchanged to something) and a buff ( it will increase ur ap in one hour). second one is night soulstone plains (i dont know this name is right or not XD), it is the new 24-member dungeon. the weekend chest will give u more choices of new shield. third one, on Saturday, in desert, faction area, the decisive battle island will open. need 100 can come in. These inf from CH and KR sever, for reference only.
  3. Servers Down?

    Why the server is always down when I in the arena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Does anybody know? Tell me please. Thank you : )
  5. Update Error

    https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/205041245-Error-E02024 here, when u finish these steps, u should restart ur compouter.
  6. Update Error

    I have solved this problem right now XD
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I dislike this sale method....
  8. The rank is at the bottom of this picture..What's the usage of it? Does anyone know? Pls tell me~ Thanks _(:з」∠)_
  9. Customized UI

    wow, this UI is so cool


    I cannot enter the game after I input my password...

    Im playing 3v3 !!!!
  13. Weapon skin

    it will not disappear if you just upgrade it _(:з」∠)_
  14. Weapon skin

    it will disappear. you cannot get it again if you un-skin _(:з」∠)_
  15. Halp

    in tag team match I change the key.. It is in the settings-key bindings-functions-side sikll slot.. I change it to the Caps Lock :-)