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  1. That's actually pretty cool to know. Hopefully there'll maybe be more servers around the world for players in different locations though.
  2. Sorry if I shouldn't ask here, but can someone tell me when this patch happened? Or, maybe lead me to a page where I can read more about this patch? I haven't been on in a few days :(
  3. You mean motion blur? If not, I have no idea, sorry : < If you do mean motion blur, you can turn it off in the Settings. Go to Graphics, Advanced, and the motion-blur option should be somewhere in there.
  4. gonna join in on this :D Also (Not talking about my char from this point) Ikr. That skinny character shown several times on this page LOL EDIT: Shown several times on the previous page (page 40) Also, Dang. Someone made Elsa. Wow.
  5. Hey! Sorry about the late reply :C As for your 2nd method of setting the priority to real-time, sadly I don't think it made any noticeable difference for me :( I still have a constant 20-ish FPS... But setting it to a higher priority has to do something, right? I'm positive it'll help the game remain relatively stable and may give less FPS drops and such :D EDIT: Never-mind the above paragraph, I'm getting up to 30 FPS now :O such amazing :D Also, Thanks so much for your post! I had no idea how to change priorities, or that windows mode gives better FPS. I never even
  6. It seems optimization takes things father back than setting all graphics settings to 1. EDIT: When I set everything to 1 rather than turning on optimization, I barely get 15 FPS.
  7. About the "Optimize for low-end PCs" option... This option's quite helpful, and is the only way I can ever hope to play with 20 FPS on my laptop. However, it seems the resolutions for this low-graphics option go to a max of 800 x 600. It's quite small, especially since I'm used to always playing games at 1600 x 900. I was wondering if it'd be possible to have bigger resolutions for the "Optimize for low-end PCs" option, mainly because the texts become a bit too small and harder to read. The UI scaling option helps quite a lot, but the texts are still quite small. And some things go off
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