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  1. Community versus FFXIV

    Sorry to say, I completely disagree with you. I've been in the FF Online community since XI. I have never met a community friendlier than XI and that transitioned into XIV due to players migrating over. I've also never had a static guild or group as I'll quit for months at a time and go hardcore for 3 weeks tops. So far, in B&S, Faction chat seems pretty friendly. Since this game is more PvP centric and F2P, I'm expecting to meet multiple trolls or assholes at some point lol
  2. Community versus FFXIV

    Thanks for your reply. I never found XIV toxic...but I never made it to far end game either. I'll be rerolling a SF on BnS. I have a 46 KFM but the class is fairly difficult to play.
  3. Trying to figure out which game to invest time into and haven't been online in BNS forever. Even when I was, I noticed the community was rather sparse compared to XIV. How is it now? And how is end game PVE?
  4. Soloing king kaari as KFM @ lvl 44

    He seems to be soloable. I just need to learn his attacks. Gotta stop playing like a scrub anyway! Thanks for the advice everyone. And @ the Force Master KFM is the only character I have, just never had the need to use my brain lol
  5. Soloing king kaari as KFM @ lvl 44

    I've made a habitual habit of using SS instead of QE or Counter. Gotta erase 44 levels of horrible habits.
  6. Soloing king kaari as KFM @ lvl 44

    Thank you both. *cricket* KFM is hard =/ lol
  7. Any tips? This guy is wrecking me (2nd try). Not sure how to dodge his electric charge attack thing (Counter?) I can SS out of the first part but not sure what to do for the second.
  8. I'm currently debating between playing this or XIV. XIV, undoubtedly, has a better story, amazing music, and more PvE content. Plus Square-Enix actually has decent customer support. However, B&S has a much better combat system, along with...well...better "armor" designs. All of these traits matter to me but the deal breaker is PvP focus. I have zero interest in PvP because a ton of my competitive energy is spent racing motorcycles irl; I know this game is PvP focused but does it have enough PvE to be worth investing more time and money into? Lets say around...8-16 hours a week.
  9. Lag

    It isn't your ISP. I'm up in Canada and NCSoft's site is lagging along with B&S.
  10. Every competitive game in the eSports world has no mechanic that would benefit from repetition via robot. In fighting games you have to learn combos and gain literal experience to condition and react to real players. In LoL...well if you're a bot, your team will get you banned rather quickly lol In StarCraft 2, the same concepts behind fighting games apply (less practice on build orders, more so on reading your opponents correctly). After finishing Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 in the last two months, I decided to come back to MMOs since B&S was dubbed as a 'fighting game' MMO. The combat system is nowhere near the complexity of an actual fighting game, but it's fun...until you farm the same *cricket* thing 100+ times. Why do MMOs do this? All this does is promote any programmer (or regular gamer) to find shortcuts. I don't know anyone that has fun running the same dungeon or killing the same mob hundreds of time. I swear you need to be mentally challenged to actually want to do so. I'm hoping some of you feel the same way as me and are burnt out from years of this garbage.
  11. That's fine if they want to lose someone that's going to continue paying them money lol This has been an issue brought to attention on reddit as well. It is very well known; the devs and playerbase should know to avoid people know to do this.
  12. If OP gets banned for this or this post removed. I will remake the thread. Abusing the system like this is bullshit. Awareness needs to be raised and devs need to fix it.
  13. Time sink and difficulty are two different things. Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 DLC is a good example of good DLC. Adds a lot of content to the game...hell DS2's DLC was harder than the main game (can't say the same for Bloodborne). Crap like Modern Warfare on the other hand...remember back when games allowed map makers to make maps like fy_iceworld?
  14. You can buy individual items in WoW and XIV. I was an AH *cricket* for a long time in WoW (hell AH is how you make money in games).
  15. This kind of system *cricket*s both the buyer and seller. Who's idea was this? I'm starting to remember why I hated MMOs, it's worse than having to buy DLCs.