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  1. Got 1 pc with the same cpu as you difference is that i have 32gb of ram and a 1080 gtx and it runs the game without a problem,but my other pc just with an i5 8400 and same ram and gpu runs the game a little better, the only reason i can think of why is the singe core performance of the i5, but the ryzen has no trouble running it and maybe an ssd and a little better gpu would not hurt.
  2. Hi all I just returned a few days ago from a long hiatus, my current gear is true ivorymoon weapon with full pinacle accessories and a mix of asura and twisted ss and I am sitting currently at 738 ap, the questions I have are: 1. Which ss should I farm 2 .Which legendary weapon is the best for earth build 3. Will I be able to do Mushins tower after defeating Mushin (I think thats floor number 8) or which floor should I be aiming for with my ap 4. Which hm lvl and what gear should I have for the last 3 dungeons (Desolate Tomb,NS and I think EC) 5. Which are the b
  3. If this is true then maybe its time to return to the game
  4. As the title said I would like to buy a hobgmoon pellet,char name Catacomb crimson side.......
  5. As the title said is it really worth learning Rumblebee secret technique,I probably did not use rumblebee since the first few levels because started using sunflower as soon as I was able to and would like to hear a few opinions about this.
  6. There should be something done about this,since as I said on my server its impossible to even farm insignias as a cerulean and lets not talk about terrors or wyrm and I am pretty sure that there are other servers where the situation is the same,so basically you can do 2 thing either get raped by them or join them,there where some suggestions here which could probably help the situation a little or partially solve it,but I dont think that NCsoft will listen.........
  7. Afaik you can get only 1 skill from royal zen bean
  8. I would like to hear a few opinions about joining the dominant faction,as it can be guessed I am in the outnumbered faction which is cerulean in my case,my rough estimate is probably that ratio is about 20 crimsons for 1 cerulean,since I had enough getting ganked not being able to do terrors or wyrm so I wanted to ask if its worth defecting to the other faction,and how long does it take to grind up rank to be able to do misty dailies again?
  9. Hm,dont really know then,try maybe running game as administrator and turning off you av and firewall.
  10. Did you try deleting gameguard folder and let the game download it again,that fixed all my issues with the game
  11. Afaik it has been confirmed that we wont get pirate soul,so is still true pirate required or will awakened be enough?
  12. As the title said will awakened pirate weapon be enough for the start of lvl 50 content?
  13. Actually on my server crimsons are acting like that,probably depends on which faction dominates the server
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