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  1. Got 1 pc with the same cpu as you difference is that i have 32gb of ram and a 1080 gtx and it runs the game without a problem,but my other pc just with an i5 8400 and same ram and gpu runs the game a little better, the only reason i can think of why is the singe core performance of the i5, but the ryzen has no trouble running it and maybe an ssd and a little better gpu would not hurt.
  2. Hi all I just returned a few days ago from a long hiatus, my current gear is true ivorymoon weapon with full pinacle accessories and a mix of asura and twisted ss and I am sitting currently at 738 ap, the questions I have are: 1. Which ss should I farm 2 .Which legendary weapon is the best for earth build 3. Will I be able to do Mushins tower after defeating Mushin (I think thats floor number 8) or which floor should I be aiming for with my ap 4. Which hm lvl and what gear should I have for the last 3 dungeons (Desolate Tomb,NS and I think EC) 5. Which are the b
  3. If this is true then maybe its time to return to the game
  4. As the title said I would like to buy a hobgmoon pellet,char name Catacomb crimson side.......
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