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  1. Because the ticket was closed I have to reopen it this way. I know it answers it but I can't see my ticket at all. (small picture of my open cases) Also normally you can get a confirmation email from a bot about the case, but I did not receive anything at all. like: I did not receive such a mail and because of this I assume my support ticket isn't send and just disappeared. Best regards, Munasagi
  2. For some reason my tickets don't show up after I send them to the support through the site. I looked as well in my mail but no auto reply either. Either way I guess I'l have to put my ticket here. Yesterday I farmed all day msp to get a grand celestial soulshield piece 6 with a critical stat on it. Eventually I finally managed to get it but because I was to excited I messed up and infused it into my old garbage soul shield. Can I please revert it back, putting a whole day grinding aside is kind of painful and if possible I don't want to redo that. Time: Yesterday 22:48 CEST, 26/05/2019 Char name: Munasagi Server: Jinsoyun Sincerely, Munasagi
  3. Bug SF soul badge & losing frames

    When switching stances the soulfighter class loses 5-6 frames which is quite expensive and absurd. My computer is well maintained, I am using MSI Infinite 8RC 257EU My internet speed is insanely good with a well maintained 60-80 ms in bns, in other games like league of legends I have around 5-10 ms. I have put my bns on my ssd which also has windows itself installed. The ancestral badge contains 2 badges the courage badge and the glory soul badge. THe problem: When using Anima which is in both eternal and enduring path it should reduce the focus chi by 5 seconds, this effect only works in enduring while it should be in both paths. The anima skill is exactly the same in both paths so it should work that's why this is a bug. The content of increase dragonfury is working as it supposed to do so, which is increasing the duration of dragonfury. This means the glory badge is bugged and still contains bad coding of the old bns system earth/frost where the badges where divided by the path you choose. hopefully you can look in these problems. Greetings, Munasagi
  4. boss 2 matching marks bug enjoy matching the marks guys
  5. Blood chamber is officially bugged for me when trying to block the damn orb using elbow smash. The orb just ignores you sometimes and goes to the boss, I tried standing still and blocking as well but it is really just luck. I have 60ms and 112 fps in game, I'm playing in high performance so my pc isn't the issue or my net. Sometimes the chi stacks are bugged aswell showing full stacks while they are empty. When using B ult sometimes the max hp stays forever unless using a different heal. when using q or e (kungfu master stance) it doesn't put you in a position sometimes when you see the foe, it bugs out from time to time and lets you just slide forward. the bug where you are in the middle of the fight and it switches you back from force master stance to kungfu master stance still happens.
  6. few hours? I'm doing it these few days and my drop rate is below horrible only 3 fragments.... by farming the mini bosses
  7. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    nice catch, I kinda messed up because the badges look similair. Ofcourse I mean sagewood. [You will notice that I first talk about glory then switch over to sage xD] I'l edit it. for those who wants to see every badge:
  8. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    my bad I thought he was talking about the arcana soul badge. The differents between undying and limitless is basicly alluvion vs blue moon as the third badge. The main thing why you would take blue moon is because it gets you focus. The alluvion basicly decreases the chi stacks needed to 4 instead of 5 without needing additional animations. The reason why people go for limitless is because of the rotation and the mobility. When using the blue moon you always use ur lightning fist to unlock the breeze kick which stacks your chi. Like I said before if the boss jumps away you will have no charge left to follow up and you will be most likely need to SS dash to your new destination, this restricts mobility and your defense. Every end game boss is kind of mobile so restricting that part is indeed cutting yourself ): edit: I forgot to mention that accesoiries boost ur focus regen rate so in the late stages the blue moon has no real purpose.
  9. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    Sorry about the late response I was bussy with school. if you calculate it correctly u get more from the sage badge. I did some testing with the giant turtle and the sage badge wins in dmg. I base all these calculatons on my PVE tests on my FROST SF. I don't have the knowledge for earth so I can't say anything about it. let's get the facts why it might be the case: SKILLS breeze kick Occures only when lightning fist hits reduces the cd of howling blast by 3 sec. recover 3 focus lightning fist cd 6 sec recover 2 focus resets after ice coil is used (30 sec cd) iron shoulder occures after every 3th hit of RMB recovers 4 focus RMB cost 2 focus recovers 1 focus on crit stacks 2 energy on hit on 10 stacks unlocks full charge BADGES Blue moon soul badge stacks 1 chi recover 6 focus over 3 sec on hit 600% extra dmg on breeze kick on hit Sagewood soul badge reduces focus chi cd by 3 sec when burning tundra is used stacks 3 energy on hit NOTICE: When playing the blue moon badge and the boss jumps away it was hard to catch up because lightning fist is on cd the sagewood soul badge didnt have that kind of problem. The full charge in general makes more dmg then the breeze kick even though it's pumped up by 600%. I noticed that the blue moon soul badge has an interesting way to get stacks because it tries to nullify the howling blast as much as possible which increases the crit by 20% for 5 sec. The main skill of the SF is ofcourse frost storm so because of that we try to gain as much chi stacks as fast as possible. lets first calculate the Chi rate: breeze kick is 2 chi every 6 secs. Iron shoulder appears every 1.5 sec and stacks 1 chi. The reason why blue moon still lost is because of the time. If it was a short time then they are evenly matched but let's say you figth a whole match that will mean the ice coil gets on cd which disables the second chi stack of breeze kick. The focus rate without crit: breeze kick constantly recovered and there was almost no issues just a 1 second interfall before I could hit again. I had to micro manage every move but it just woudnt function NOTICE for this test I had to disable my crit because otherwise my focus just woudn't go down and used the dragonbone bracers which had no crit at all. focus rate WITH 50.55% crit: no issues in a long run youre focus will deplete, you NEED to use breeze kick from time to time to replenish. When equiping Frostfall ring on lowest stage + 50.55% crit: no issues no issues It seems sagewood is in a bad spot for focus recovery until you get the frostfall ring from BT and have crit. The additional 10% focus recovery on crit nullifies the restriction of RMB depleting. The blue moon wins in focus recovery. CONCLUSION: early game - blue moon soul badge has great focus recovery but lacks especially in dmg. If you want to do more dmg then use the sagewood. The pain with sagewood is you really have to know what you are doing until you get that ring. late game - you won't use the blue moon anymore because focus is ur bro for life o/ there is NO reason to use this badge, sagewood increases ur dmg by stacking faster chi per second and gets more energy stacks per second, it is also easyer to maintain you just hold your rmb - f till your other abilities are off cd. HINTS to increase crit: improve your soulshield so it has extra crit, the more crit the less focus you need.
  10. How do we play Soul Fighter?

    not true, do not fall for this trap. Alluvion Soul Badge > got a WL use this Sagewood Soul Badge > got no WL use this [extra] Magnum Soul Badge > when tanking and you do have trouble with survivability take this IF you have the above badges which I mentioned in the end combine them with 5 gracestone to get the Limitless soul badge SilverFoxR has lived under a rock and use the old build for SF